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Die Hard Episode 6 Title Announced


The producers of the sixth part of the action movie "Die Hard" have announced its full title. As Lorenzo Di Bonaventura told EmpireOnline, the movie will simply be called McClane.

“We want you to count on John McClain more than ever before,” he commented. According to the producer, despite the fact that the movie will have many flashbacks about the youth of the protagonist, the leading actor Bruce Willis will have enough screen time. “I don’t know what Die Hard can be without Bruce. Rumors that it will not be enough in this movie, to put it mildly, are not accurate. Yes, we'll see John McClane in his early twenties. But his 60-year-old version will have an equally significant batch, "added Di Bonaventura. He did not give an exact release date for the sixth episode. It is expected that young John McClane will have to fight terrorists, including during the famous New York "blackout" in 1977.

Recall that Len Wiseman is listed as the director. The fifth movie in this series was rather coldly received at home, where it made just over $ 60 million. His worldwide gross has reached $ 300 million.

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Author: Jake Pinkman