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Will Disney retire McClane?

Image During his years in law enforcement, veteran police officer John McClain rescued Nakatomi employees, averted a crisis at Dulles Airport, stopped robbers at the Federal Reserve Bank, thwarted cyber terrorist plans, and stopped a weapons-grade uranium deal. It looks like Bruce Willis' character has finally met rivals that will be too tough for him. This time, the legendary movie hero is confronted not by anyone, but by the heads of the Disney studio.

The Walt Disney Empire has recently become the owner of a number of popular 20th Century Fox franchises. The latter did not manage to launch the film "McClain" into production, which was supposed to become both a prequel to the first part of "Die Hard" and a sequel to the fifth. Now the fate of the project is in limbo.

"I don't know what's going on with this film," admitted the series producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. -From now on the rights to Die Hard owned by Disney Studios. I am not aware of her plans for this franchise. I can only say that the Disney people loved our script. "


A couple of days ago, House of Mouse representatives announced that they already had ideas for the development of such Fox series as Planet of the Apes, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Alien. With Die Hard, everything is more complicated. The franchise, although it has a cult status among fans of action films, is going through difficult times. McClane's latest film to date, Die Hard: A Good Day to Die, bounced off its $ 92 million in international box office funding, but received a humiliating 14% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.


The words of Lorenzo di Bonaventura give hope that Disney people will close their eyes to the failure of the fifth film and still launch McClane into production. Otherwise, Disney will either reboot the film series, or even send it to the shelf.

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