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Die Hard: The Beginning

Image As it became known to journalists Deadline , the studio 20th Century Fox has begun work on the sixth film in the film series " Die Hard .

The project will be developed by "Die Hard 4.0" director Len Wiseman and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura ("Transformers"). The latter reportedly had a script application for the new action movie, which the bosses of Fox asked to transform into the plot of a movie about John McClain .

In 1995, the creators of the franchise did a similar thing when Jonathan Hensley's script " Simon Speaks " was turned into the third film about the famous movie hero Bruce Willis.


According to insiders, the main plot of " Die Hard 6 " will take place ten years before the hostage-taking in the Nakatomi building. In this case, the leadership of Fox will have to look for an actor who would play John McClane in his youth, and the participation of Willis in the project may be limited to a cameo role. Officials from the studio have not yet commented on this information.


Len Wiseman himself can take the director's chair of the sixth part. In 2007, he was able to successfully return McClane to screens after a 12-year absence: " Die Hard 4.0 " brought the studio over $ 383 million and earned enthusiastic reviews from critics. However, six years later, the bosses of Fox almost gave up on the film series. "Die Hard: A Good Day To Die" by John Moore not only failed to repeat the success of the fourth part at the box office, but was also critically acclaimed as the worst film in the franchise.


Earlier, there were rumors that " Die Hard 6 " could take place in Japan during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the hostage rescue at Nakatomi Tower.

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