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Macho and Nerd spin-off looking for battle ladies

Image The Macho and the Nerd franchise has brought good dividends to Sony, and the major has been planning to expand the film series for several years. However, neither the triquel nor the Macho and the Nerd / Men in Black crossover has been further developed, so Sony has a female spin-off in the franchise. It has also been in development for more than three years, and finally the studio's management has decided on the candidates for the main roles.

As Collider managed to find out, Sony's favorite is Tiffany Haddish, who came to fame after the release of the comedy Girls Flying. Over the years, Haddish has established herself as one of the most talented Hollywood actresses in the comedy genre. In the spin-off of Macho and the Nerd, Tiffany is rumored to play a former cop teacher who will pretend to be the mother of a new student for the sake of business.

The role of Haddish's partner, who, most likely, will pose as a high school student, Sony bosses want to give Aquafine ("Ocean's 8"). The source writes that the studio has been eyeing her for a long time and even wanted to get an actress for a minor role in Jumanji. The spin-off is directed and written by Rodney Rothman (Macho and Nerd 2), while Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who created the franchise, will act as producers of the project.


As for Tiffany Haddish, she received a lot of interesting offers after "Soul Girls". Only this year, four films with her participation were released at once - "Uncle Drew", "Evening School", "Oath" and "No Fools". Haddish began to appear on the big screens so often that some critics even called this fact the reason for the not very successful start of the film "No Fools".

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