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Macho and the nerd don't play by the rules

Image Unexpectedly for many, the comedy "Macho and the Nerd" became a box office hit. The idea with undercover partners was far from new, because the comedy is a remake of the popular TV series of the 80s, and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller at the time of the release of the film could only boast of the cartoon "Cloudy, with a chance of precipitation in the form of meatballs." The sequel that followed did not disappoint viewers, and ever since then, Sony has been looking for an idea to continue the franchise. At some point, the version of the "Macho and nerd" and "Men in Black" crossover seemed quite real. Fortunately, the major abandoned such an idea and left the agents of the Bureau for Cooperation with Aliens alone.

The Men in Black are more fortunate and will be back on the big screens later this year, but Jenko and Schmidt are still on the bench. All that is known about Sony's future plans for Macho and Nerd is that a female spin-off of the franchise is in the works. However, as director Phil Lord admitted in a recent interview, you shouldn't discount the heroes of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

According to Lord, the third part of the film series has been sent to the reserve, and the focus has shifted to Macho and Nerd 4. Lord and his colleague Miller do not always adhere to the rules, for which they paid during the filming of "Han Solo", so it is not surprising that they wanted to shoot the triquel and quadriquel, as it were, in reverse order.


Viewers can only guess why the directors and Sony decided to play against the rules. Perhaps "Macho and the Nerd 4" will be a direct sequel to the first two films, but "Macho and the Nerd 3", if he is destined to be born, will have many reasons for jokes and the opportunity to play with the standard formula of the film franchise. In any case, Lord and Miller have at least one idea: at the end of Macho and the Nerdy 2, posters of the subsequent installments were shown, and for 24 Jump Street, Jenko and Schmidt became exchange students.

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