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Fake Macho and Nerd sequels become canon

Image As you may remember, the directors of the comedy " Macho and Nerd 2 " Phil Lord and Chris Miller featured posters for potential sequels about adventures of heroes Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. In an interview with the journalists of the portal Topless Robot , they shared their thoughts on the plot of the triquel, and also announced that these fake sequels can now be considered an official part of the MCU.

Writer Rodney Rothman and I came up with a crazy idea of how we can tell a new chapter in Schmidt and Jenko and still canon all those fake sequels", - said the directors.

Miller and Lord will be producing Macho and Nerdy 3 , but their return to the director's chair has yet to be officially confirmed by Sony . According to rumors, at the moment, the creative duo is choosing a new project, torn between the film of the Ghostbusters franchise and the superhero blockbuster The Flash.


At the end of last year, it was reported that Sony was considering the idea of creating a Macho and Nerd crossover with the Men in Black film series. The possibility of using the fantasy universe of Men in Black will allow the creators of comedy to significantly simplify the implementation of the many journeys of Schmidt and Jenko .


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