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Only ladies go to battle

Image Studio Sony Pictures , inspired by the success of two films "Macho and Nerd ", has long plans to expand the film series - last year, work began on the female spin-off of the franchise. However, news about the project has rarely appeared since then, but, as it turned out, the bosses of Sony did not abandon this idea.

In the spring of 2015, Lucia Agniello and Paul W. Downs ( Broad City ) were chosen as scriptwriters for the future film. However, after a few months, the studio invited Elizabeth and Wendy Molino (Bob's Burgers / Bob's Burgers ) to write their own script in parallel. Apparently, this approach did not bring results, and now Rodney Rothman will take over the text of the spin-off. The information portal Deadline informs about it.

Rothman began his career with work on television, and later acted as a screenwriter for the sports comedy "Slaughter Revenge" and, most importantly, "Macho and Botana 2". In addition, the source writes that Rothman is the main contender for the directing chair of the spin-off of the film series.


According to the original idea, the events of the tape will revolve around two female police officers, but the rest of the details of the project are kept secret. As for the crossover "Macho and Nerd" with "Men in Black", which movie fans first learned about at the end of 2014, according to Jonah Hill, it is unlikely to ever see the light of day.

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