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Demian Bishir to star in Alien: Covenant


In the cast of the movie "Alien: Covenant", which will be a continuation of the fantastic movie "Prometheus", there was another replenishment. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, he was joined by Demian Bishir, who previously starred in such movies as "Machete Kills", "Cops in Skirts" and others.

What kind of character Bishira will play is still unknown. Recall that the plot should be built around the crew of the Covenant spacecraft, which arrives at a distant planet considered suitable for colonization. However, instead of the promised land, the travelers discover a hostile world full of deadly dangers, the only intelligent inhabitant of which is the android David, familiar to viewers from the movie "Prometheus". Michael Fassbender will play the role again.

Filming is due to start in February 2016, and the premiere is scheduled for October 2017. The Australian government has agreed to provide substantial tax breaks to the moviemakers to allow production to take place locally. Alien: Covenant is expected to be the first installment in a new trilogy that ties the entire project to Ridley Scott's classic horror movie Alien from 1979.

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Author: Jake Pinkman