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Doctor Manhattan starring in Alien: Covenant


Billy Crudup, familiar to viewers from the role of Doctor Manhattan in the movie "Watchmen", as well as from the movies "Mission Impossible 3" and "Spotlight", will play a key role in the project "Alien: Covenant", which will be directed by the director Ridley Scott. This is reported by the publication Deadline.

As is the case with other members of the cast, the character of Crudap has not yet been named. The plot will revolve around the crew of the Covenant spacecraft, which arrives on a planet deemed suitable for colonization and discovers a deadly world and the only surviving member of the missing Prometheus expedition, the android David.

Filming will start in March 2016 and will take place primarily in Australia, where the government has agreed to provide creators with substantial tax breaks. Alien: Covenant will be the first part of a trilogy to link Prometheus to the original 1979 movie Alien.

Earlier in numerous interviews, Ridley Scott promised all fans of the franchise to return to the screens the famous monster with acid instead of blood - xenomorph, moreover, in all its states. The role of David again agreed to play Michael Fassbender, the only actor of "Prometheus", who found a place and in continuation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman