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Danny McBride invited to the sequel to Prometheus


Popular comedian Danny McBride received an offer to play one of the key roles in the movie "Alien: Covenant", which is considered a sequel to the fantastic movie "Prometheus". This is reported by The Wrap with reference to its sources. It is not specified which character the actor will play.

Recall that the plot of the picture will be built around the crew of the Covenant spacecraft, which arrives on a planet considered suitable for colonization, and discovers a deadly world, the only inhabitant of which is the synthetic man David, the last surviving member of the Prometheus expedition.

Alien: Covenant is expected to launch a new trilogy that ties it in with the classic horror movie Alien. The director of the movie, Ridley Scott, guaranteed a "hard R rating" and the opportunity to see on the screen the xenomorphs familiar to viewers at all stages of their development.

Filming is due to begin in February 2016 with an eye on the world premiere in October 2017. They will take place mainly in Australia, which has agreed to provide tax incentives.

As for Danny McBride, he has such popular comedies as "End of the World 2013: Apocalypse in Hollywood", "Pineapple Express: Sitting, Smoking", "Brave with Pepper" and many others.

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Author: Jake Pinkman