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Liam Neeson announced his retirement


Popular Hollywood actor Liam Neeson will no longer star in action movies and thrillers. He himself announced this in an interview with Sky News. "The studios are still ready to invest a lot of money in such a movie with my participation. But I tell them:" Guys, what are you doing? I'm 65 damn years old! Viewers will soon say, "You're kidding us," he said.

Recall that Neeson starred in many popular Hollywood action movies. A new stage in the actor's career began after the release of the movie "Hostage" in 2008. In it, Neeson plays a former special agent who is forced to use all his skills to find a daughter kidnapped by criminals. Subsequently, two sequels, quite successful in the financial pan, were movieed. At the beginning of 2018, viewers will be presented with another action movie with the participation of an actor called "Passenger".

In addition to movies in this genre, Liam Neeson has actively starred in dramatic projects. At the end of September 2017, the release of the movie "Watergate. The Wreck of the White House" is planned, dedicated to the scandal that led to the ouster of US President Richard Nixon.

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