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Farmiga is experimenting with Neeson. Trailer ”Passenger”

Image As we reported earlier, in September this year, the famous American actor Liam Neeson announced that he did not want to act in action films anymore. However, before the star of "Hostage" finally says goodbye to the genre so popular with viewers, another action-packed film with his participation will be released on the big screens. The filming of the crime thriller, which received the title "Passenger" in our box office, was directed by director Jaume Collet-Serra, who previously worked with Liam on "Unknown" and not only.

Neeson plays an ordinary family man. Waking up in the morning, having breakfast and saying goodbye to his family, a respectable man named Michael gets on a train in which he already knows almost every passenger, and sets off along a familiar route. Suddenly, a mysterious stranger sits down with him, claiming that she is studying human behavior. Joanna invites Liam's confused hero to experiment for a monetary reward. Seduced by a large sum, he agrees, but very quickly realizes that he is involved in a strange and dangerous game ...

The role of the mysterious Joanna went to Vera Farmiga, well known to TV series fans for the drama Bates Motel. Judging by the trailer, we are not waiting for a typical action movie with chases and shooting, which Neeson decided to abandon, but a real psychological thriller, where there is a place not only for suspense, but also for high-quality acting.

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The USA premiere of the tape is scheduled for March 8.

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Author: Jake Pinkman