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Liam Neeson changed his mind about retirement


Liam Neeson has denied his own claims that he no longer intends to act in action movies. The words of the popular Hollywood actor are quoted by Variety. "Yes, it's all not true. Look at me. Are you talking about me in the past tense? I will act in movies of this genre until they bury me. I refuse to be a pensioner," he said.

Recall that in mid-September 2017, in an interview with Sky News, Neeson said that, despite the desire of the studios to invest large sums in action movies with his participation, he no longer wants to take part in such projects. "Guys, what are you doing? Well, I'm already 65 damn years old! The audience will soon say:" Are you kidding us, "he said then.

Note that age has never been a hindrance for Neeson, when it came to action pictures. In 2008, the low-budget movie "Hostage" was released, the premiere of which marked a new stage in the actor's career. Later, he played in several similar movies, in which he effectively used his outstanding physical capabilities and natural charisma.

In early 2018, viewers will be presented with another action movie with the participation of Liam Neeson called "The Passenger".

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Author: Jake Pinkman