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Liam Neeson will fight the drug mafia

Image A few years ago, actor Liam Neeson admitted that the years are taking their toll and it is time for him to tie up with the role of an action hero. The bosses of Hollywood studios are in no hurry to send the Briton to retirement and continue to fill up his agent's office with scripts of new action thrillers. It seems that the 66-year-old actor has finally come to terms with the fact that he will not soon be offered the roles of quiet and peaceful grandfathers.

As it became known to our foreign colleagues, Neeson will lead the cast of the action movie "The Minuteman" *. The Hostage trilogy star will have to recall a special set of skills and abilities to prepare for the role of a Vietnam War veteran defending an unknown boy from an influential drug cartel.

Eminent Hollywood producer Robert Lorenz ("The Mysterious River", "Letters from Iwo Jima"), famous for his collaboration with Clint Eastwood, will sit in the director's chair of the film.


The search for distributors for the film will begin at the Cannes Film Festival, and its shooting is scheduled for this fall.

* - preliminary translation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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