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Dreame XR Premium cordless vacuum cleaner review


Recently, there has been activity from several manufacturers of electronic products. Xiaomi is no exception here. In the first quarter of 2020, it brought several models of smartphones, laptops and other gadgets to the market. Also, the company pays enough attention to household appliances. One of the places of honor in its range is taken by cordless vacuum cleaners. Let's talk in detail about one of them.

Portable yet powerful

The manufacturer has done almost impossible: put a powerful brushless motor in the light and compact body of the Dreame XR Premium cordless vacuum cleaner. It allows the device to remove all the debris that gets in its way. This is facilitated by the presence of a high suction power - 145 W.

The device weighs only one and a half kilograms. To control its performance, the user has a small lever at hand that allows you to select one of three modes.


Everything that the vacuum cleaner collects, after entering it, is filtered at least five times. One of the steps involves the use of a HEPA filter. All waste is collected in a 0.5 liter container. There is a special mark on the case for its timely emptying.

Extracting the container does not take much time, as there is a special button to facilitate the process.

In general, Dreame XR Premium makes any manipulation easy and simple. This applies not only to cleaning the container, but also to replacing nozzles, connecting additional accessories. All this is done intuitively, with one click.

The gadget is equipped with five nozzles: standard, for cleaning the floor with a large-diameter roller, soft brush, for cleaning carpets with a double inner spiral, a combined flat brush 2-in-1 (cleaning with and without bristles), a nozzle for processing fabrics, and a brush to remove dust mites from bedding and clothing.


Also included is a flexible extension hose that allows the last two attachments to be used with standard straight metal tubing.

High autonomy and fast charging

The vacuum cleaner has passed a series of tests. Testers note that the time of its operation in the most energy efficient mode (it is the weakest of the three) was sixty minutes. At medium power levels, a single charge lasts forty minutes. Cranking the engine to full RPM will drain the battery in ten minutes.

Its capacity is 2500 mAh. This is a standard indicator for a gadget of this class. It needs at least three hours to fully charge.

Experts and users have expressed an unequivocal opinion on this issue: the Dreame XR Premium has a modest battery life. The manufacturer should definitely pay attention to this parameter in the future.

The device comes with a wall mount for storing attachments. This is convenient, since everything is at hand. You can replace / install the desired accessory at any time.

Nuances of appearance

The cordless vacuum cleaner has a neutral design. Matte white plastic of the case goes well with the tube and lid of copper color. There is some futurism in the appearance of the device. This is not surprising, because Xiaomi products are famous for this.


The build quality of the gadget is at a high level. Ergonomics is also not far behind: the Dreame XR Premium is easy to operate with one hand, all its connections and fastenings are reliable. It is also worth pointing out the absence of extraneous sounds during the operation of the product.

In this large barrel of honey, there is one small fly in the ointment: while the device is operating, the user must constantly hold down the power button. No, it's not tight, but still such a well-known manufacturer should have found some alternative solution.

Also, the device does not have a wet cleaning mode. Nowadays, when the consumer is spoiled by the functionality of technology, all other things being equal, this can become a decisive factor in abandoning a product in favor of an analogue of another developer.

It is possible that these disadvantages are the reason for the relatively low cost of Dreame XR Premium, which is $ 265.


The device is equipped with a 450 W motor providing a suction power of 22 kPa. Its power indicator is 145 watts. The vacuum cleaner has received a five-stage filtration system, using the properties of the HEPA system. This allows you to remove (according to the manufacturer) more than 99% of all contaminants and microbes, the size of which reaches 0.3 microns. The expandable vacuum tube makes it possible to clean corners and hard-to-reach places.

At the same time, Dreame XR Premium runs almost silently. When using standard mode, the noise level is 68 dB. This allows you to listen to music, combining business with pleasure while cleaning your apartment or house.


The Dreame XR Premium can be your best friend in dealing with indoor dust and dirt. He can do everything: cleaning carpets and floors, removing dirt at the workplace, cleaning the car interior. The device has a high quality workmanship, verified ergonomics, a rich package.

Its only drawback is its low autonomy. But this drawback is more than offset by the acceptable cost of the device.

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Author: Jake Pinkman