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Hisense and Hoover Products at IFA 2019


The pages of our resource regularly tell about gadgets and electronic devices that are developed by specialists and engineers of famous brands. However, some firms receive little attention.

Today, our portal will acquaint readers with Hisense products, which it showed at IFA 2019. It is a major manufacturer of household appliances and electronics from China. In the world of mobile gadgets, his name is not very well known, so this gap needs to be filled.

In the second part of the article, we will take a look at Hoover products. It is an American brand that has made a name in the manufacture and sale of home equipment. His washing machines, vacuum cleaners, irons are sold all over the world.

Hisense Smartphones

Hisense company has brought new smartphones with some peculiarities to Berlin. You can even say that these are unique devices, since one of them has two screens, and the other has a dual battery.

The Hisense A6L smartphone is equipped with two screens at once. It features a 6.5-inch Full HD + display with waterproof coating on the front, and a 5.8-inch E-Ink with eye protection functionality on the back. The second display is able to show content in the form of text or pictures, using diffused reflection from a light source that is embedded in parallel.

The capabilities of the gadget allow you to automatically adjust the brightness of the backlight, while supporting two scenarios of work: daytime and evening. Hisense A6L is equipped with a special super reading mode that allows you to read without the distraction of social media, calls or messages.

Besides two screens, this device is equipped with some other features. Among them are double call and double fingerprint unlock. It also got a dual camera that can take high-quality pictures in portrait mode using the bokeh effect.


Two more Hisense models Rock5 and Rock5 Pro have splash-proof screens. The second device is equipped with a 6.53-inch display, while its younger “colleague” has a 6.22-inch screen. Both of them can both receive charge from a power source, and give it away, that is, they can work as a power bank.

It is also possible to connect any accessory to them: mouse, keyboard, external storage. To increase the amount of built-in memory, you can use microSD-cards up to 256 GB.

One nuance is interesting. If Hisense Rock5 is equipped with a 5510 mAh battery, then Rock5 Pro has a dual 8000 mAh battery. He is also entitled to a charging case, which increases the power-to-weight ratio to 10,000 mAh.


Both products feature 3-step power saving technology that includes backlight control, instant system shutdown, and app grouping.

Smartphones have an 8 megapixel front camera and a dual main camera unit. There are 13 and 2 megapixel lenses installed.

Pricing for these gadgets and launch date have not yet been disclosed.

Home Appliances by Hoover

Hoover has brought new home furnishings to Berlin. Among them are the H-WASH 500 washing machine with artificial intelligence, the H-DRY 500 dryer, a cordless vacuum cleaner and an oven.


The H-WASH 500 is equipped with a newly developed Eco-Power inverter motor. With its help, washing becomes the most effective and efficient. There is no doubt about the quality of production of the washing machine - the company gives a ten-year warranty on it. This speaks of the reliability of this device.

This machine is equipped with a color retention system, an autodosing function of detergent that increases washing efficiency, and a wide range of laundry care programs.

Thanks to the presence of several new eco-programs, the H-DRY 500 dryer has a high environmental record. It practically does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and has a minimum noise level. The latter became possible after the introduction of the proprietary Silent Drum technology.

A new platform was involved in its development, which made it possible to optimize thermodynamic flow, improve air circulation and ensure low energy consumption. She also received the Aquavision system, which is designed to collect water and reuse it.

The company's specialists have developed the Hoover Wizard mobile application, which allows remote control of the H-WASH 500 and H-DRY 500 models.


Also, the manufacturer showed at the exhibition a wireless, compact vacuum cleaner H-Free 500, which has a high performance. Its height does not exceed 69 cm, which allows you to store the device in an apartment of any size.

This device is equipped with a brushless motor that efficiently removes dust, large debris, hair, wool from the surface.

The device has an autonomy of 40 minutes. Its battery can be charged separately from the vacuum cleaner.

The company also showed the H-KEEPHEAT oven, which can not only prepare meals, but also store them. The manufacturer claims that the products will not deteriorate in it for 7 days. At the same time, they will be periodically heated to the optimum temperature during the entire storage period.

It is not yet known when all the presented novelties will go on sale.

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