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What to expect from Samsung this year


Few have not heard of Samsung - the world's largest manufacturer of electronics and mobile devices. Not so long ago, a Samsung Forum conference was held, where the company's specialists talked about their latest developments, development prospects and plans for the future.

Much attention was paid to the topic of QLED TVs, which have 8K and 4K resolution, HDR10 + support, Ambient technology and Ultra Viewing Angle. The latter allows the device to produce high definition images.

About TVs

Samsung has 20 QLED TVs for this model year. Among them there are devices equipped with extra-large screens. The basis is made up of 8K and 4K gadgets with a diagonal dimension from 43 to 98 inches.


They use Ultra Viewing Angle technology, which provides high-definition images and more deeply reproducing shades of black. At the heart of the hardware is the Quantum chipset, which optimizes low-definition content, adds clarity, brightness and improves sound quality.

All QLED TV models support HDR10 +. Devices with 8K resolution can transmit data in accordance with the HDMI 2.1 (8K 60P) standard.

An additional innovation was the appearance of the Ambient functionality. This is the interior mode, thanks to which, the possibilities of image processing have expanded.

Samsung TVs built with Smart technology receive iTunes Movies / TV Shows and Apple AirPlay 2.


The Wall modular TV with a 146-inch screen was also shown at this conference. It is based on MicroLED technology.

About "smart home"

This year the South Korean firm plans to release a number of products related to household appliances. Most of them will be equipped with AI, allowing them to control these gadgets using a mobile device, uniting everything into a single network. The company's key models are the presented novelties: the Family Hub refrigerator, the Jet 20 vacuum cleaner, wireless technology, the Dual Cook Flex oven, as well as a number of washing machines equipped with the Bixby virtual assistant.


The centerpiece is the Samsung Family Hub , the smart refrigerator.

It has a built-in Family Board screen. Thanks to him, you can watch videos, form recipes, send a message, order food or a taxi, and much more. There are cameras inside, through which, using a remote smartphone, you can view the availability of products.


Vacuum cleaner Samsung Jet 200 has a power of 200 W. This is currently the highest among vertical wireless counterparts. It is equipped with a high-quality battery that allows cleaning the house or apartment for one hour. There is no need to take breaks to rest or cool the device. The device is equipped with a five-stage air purification system. Therefore, more than 99% of all dust is removed with its help.


Another smart device is the Dual Cook Flex, a built-in oven. Its door is divided into two parts that can be opened independently of each other. This allows you to cook two dishes at once, without wasting time and heat.

The family of washing machines supported by the Bixby Virtual Assistant recommends choosing the best wash program for your laundry. Any of them allows you to control your work remotely using a smartphone or other mobile gadget. There are also several types of protection against leaks, which increases reliability and allows washing without the presence of the user.

About mobile devices

This is one of the most popular topics, so the company representatives showed and spoke in detail about the Galaxy S10 series smartphones.


In addition to the standard model, it includes the Galaxy S10 + - a larger version, S10e - a compact device.

They have frameless displays, fingerprint scanners, triple blocks of main cameras, as well as numerous functionality based on modern developments.

The Galaxy S10 + has a ceramic body, 12GB of RAM and 1TB of main storage.

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