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Dyson and its new product


The history of Dyson is both the history of the establishment of the business of its founder and owner, James Dyson. Thanks to his engineering genius, the invention saw the light, which became the basis for all subsequent activities of the company.

D. Dyson was born in Norfolk in the east of Great Britain. Already at 23, being an engineer by training, he began to invent. First, he created a high-speed sea vessel that could dock on an unequipped shore, then a garden wheelbarrow moving on loose ground.

A breakthrough in his activity happened in 1979, when Dyson thought about the design of a vacuum cleaner that would not have any drawbacks and power losses. For a long time he was engaged in developments and experiments. The product he created worked based on the principle of the cyclone installation. All dust was thrown to the periphery, to the edges of the case, and discharged into a container for collection.

In 1986 the G-Force vacuum cleaner was put into mass production, which soon won a prize at one of the design exhibitions.


In 1993 the first device of the Dyson - DC01 brand was released, which soon made the company the leader in the country in the production of vacuum cleaners. Very quickly the company's products became famous all over the world.


Now the company is successfully operating and competing in the electronic devices market. Its annual profit is more than 500 million euros, jobs are organized for almost 8000 professionals.

One of the latest models of the company, the V11 vacuum cleaner, is a very interesting and innovative product.

Vacuum cleaner for all surfaces

The Dyson V11 cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a rechargeable battery that allows it to work for one hour autonomously, without losing performance. The engine of the apparatus is digitally controlled. It is 20% more powerful than the previous model.

Also worth noting is the vacuum cleaner brush, which can independently adapt to any type of floor covering to be cleaned.


The model is equipped with 3 microprocessors that monitor its condition up to 8000 times per second. They were located in the engine sensor, inside the attachment and in the battery.

The intelligent DLS system is of particular interest. It determines the resistance of the nozzle brush, after which it automatically exchanges data with the engine and battery chips. All this leads to the formation of the required suction power, depending on the surface. Thus, deep cleaning of carpets is carried out and the working time on hard surfaces is increased.

Due to the high torque of the nozzle, the impact power reaches high values. It has two types of bristles: nylon, which removes stubborn dirt, and anti-static. They are based on carbon fiber, which removes dirt on floors and crevices.

The brush has its own motor, which rotates it at a speed of 60 rpm. A well-thought-out sealing system contributes to a snug fit of the entire structure to the surface.


The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an LCD display to display information about the performance, the selected power mode, the remaining operating time. The screen also displays all possible problems that may occur.

Battery & Motor

Dyson V11 is equipped with one of the most powerful batteries in the company, consisting of seven cells. The cathodes are made of an alloy of nickel, cobalt and aluminum.

The engine delivers up to 125,000 rpm. It is equipped with three diffusers. The first two are designed to equalize air flow and reduce turbulence by increasing suction power. The third helps to reduce noise.

The motor casing is made of special plastic, which has an optimal ratio of weight and strength. The impeller shaft is made of ceramics and can withstand temperatures up to 1600 ° C. Therefore, it is stronger and lighter than steel.

The engine has a digitally controlled pressure sensor. When a blockage occurs, the pressure drops, it quickly transmits information to the microprocessor, data about the situation are displayed on the display monitor. The user stops working, cleans the device and is ready to clean again.


The filtration system of the vacuum cleaner captures all dust, bacteria, allergens with an efficiency of up to 99.97%. There are three operating modes: "Auto", "Turbo" and "Eco". Each of them contributes to effective cleaning.

The cost of Dyson V11, depending on the configuration, is from 52,990 to 54,990 rubles.

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