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Some new products from Xiaomi


Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing companies in the Chinese electronics industry. New developments of this giant are discussed almost every month. Moreover, the company has achieved success in many areas of activity. Let's talk about some of the company's new products, which were recently announced.

Smartphone Mi A3 has a triple camera and screen scanner

The Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone was announced in Europe today, starting at $ 279. It is noteworthy that the prices for the model have not increased in comparison with its previous version, but the technical equipment has become better.

The core of the device's hardware is now a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor. The update is noticeable, but not the same as in the case of the transition from Snapdragon 625 to 660 generation of the chipset, which took place last year.

Also available is 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. There are versions with 128 GB of internal memory. At the request of users, the company has restored the microSD card slot.


The device comes with Android 9 Pie operating system, the gadget is equipped with a 4030 mAh battery, support for 4G LTE networks, Bluetooth 5.0 and fast charging power of 18 W. In addition, the product comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The developer company paid attention not only to updating the hardware filling, but also to improve the photo capabilities of the device and its design. The triple main camera module received an additional sensor, and the back cover became glass. In addition, Xiaomi refused to place a fingerprint scanner on it, replacing it with an on-screen sensor.

The main camera sensor provides a resolution of 48 megapixels. Thanks to Mi A3 software, four pixels are combined into one. The result is enhanced 12MP images. There is also an 8 megapixel sensor with a 1180 ultra wide-angle lens. The depth is determined by a 2 megapixel sensor.


The front panel measures 6.1 inches diagonally, equipped with a waterdrop-shaped notch in the upper part, inside which a camera with a resolution of 32 megapixels is placed.

The frames of the smartphone have become thinner, the LCD panels have been replaced with Super AMOLED. At the same time, the developers decided to reduce the screen resolution to 720 p, which is less than the display of the Mi A2, which has 1080 p.

Currently, pre-orders are open for Xiaomi Mi A3. Pricing starts at $ 279. The 128GB version costs $ 312. Available in white, blue and gray body colors.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner & Driver Assistant

Xiaomi's arsenal includes over a hundred products, but this is not the limit. The list of its devices is constantly growing. New items are announced every month.

Today, representatives of the Chinese manufacturer presented two more new products: a cordless hybrid vacuum cleaner and a driver assistant.

A veteran of the industry, Shuwa Mantle, helped to develop the vacuum cleaner. As a result of joint efforts, a gadget was created that can not only vacuum, but also sweep and wipe the floor. His appearance is the most ordinary and a little minimalistic.


The product has a suction power equal to 7,200 Pa. This allows you to remove not only dust, but also various liquids. There are two reservoirs for dirty and clean water. It should be noted that this device has additional features. These include the availability of turning the handle by 600. There is also a self-cleaning functionality. The autonomy of work is provided by the built-in battery. It is more than one hour.

The vacuum cleaner will start selling on August 31st for $ 189 US. Includes two brushes.

The second new product is the 70Mai Smart Driving Assistant MIJIA Customized Edition. The device is equipped with functionality that sends the last event to the cloud with a duration of 30 seconds. If for some reason the camera is damaged, the video data will remain intact.


Another product is equipped with navigation, auto tracking function, has access to the popular Chinese messenger WeChat.

The gadget comes with pre-installed Gaode cards. There is support for voice control, with the help of which you can really check the distance and travel time to the nearest route point.

You can also connect to the MIJIA Smart Home hub, which allows you to remotely control and configure the devices included in the smart home system. By connecting the smartphone to the assistant, you can make voice calls. Its version with a DVR costs $ 145.

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