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Machines against humans, is this an uprising?


For many years, mankind has been trying to make life easier and faster. Sometimes it hurts us, and sometimes it helps us a lot. In this article, we will touch on the topic of using autopilot in cars.

You and I live in a time when technology is progressing faster than ever and therefore it’s not a tanning time when it’s enough just to get in the car to indicate the destination and wait for the arrival. But this situation has its drawbacks.

Mistakes of inventors

And I would like to discuss the still very fresh news that happened on March 23 this year. One of the Apple engineers who crashed while driving his Tesla model x down the highway to his death. According to Tesla, the collision occurred at 9:27 am in the middle of Mountain View 101. According to the company itself, the manufacturer in the collision is not so much to blame for the car as the driver who made the car go as close to neighboring cars as possible, which led to disastrous consequences. In addition, during the collision, the driver did not keep his hands on the steering wheel, although the car repeatedly reported a violation.


Another well-known case occurred with the taxi company Uber. While testing a Volvo car in autonomous mode, the car simply did not notice the cyclist and was hit to death. After that, experiments of this kind were banned. Another similar incident happened with that Uber company. Their car again hit a woman who was just crossing the road without suspecting anything.

I would like to mention one more funny incident that happened when testing an automatic brake by Volvo. It was assumed that the driver sitting in the car would accelerate to 10 km / h and brake in front of the general director. But in reality, the car only slowed down a little and hit the CEO. This person was not severely traumatized, unlike previous people. Although this case can be attributed to a banal flaw.


Is this good or bad?

Although it's impossible to say for sure who was to blame for these incidents, you can definitely be sure that self-driving cars came to the mass market too early and in their raw form to boot.

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Author: Jake Pinkman