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Porsche named responsible for Paul Walker's death


Concern Porsche placed all the blame for the accident, which killed the popular Hollywood actor Paul Walker, on his friend Roger Rodas, who was driving the Carrera GT car. This is reported by the Daily Mail with reference to company representatives.

The auto giant's lawyers suggested that the court refuse to consider the claim, which was previously filed on behalf of Rodas' wife, as it is believed that the latter "chose the style of driving a car that posed a danger to himself and his passenger." The design of the car, in their opinion, could not have caused the disaster.

Recall that Rodas' wife blamed the company for the fact that the Porsche Carrera GT car was not equipped with special protective systems that prevent fuel from igniting in the event of a collision. And the accident itself could have happened due to suspension defects.

The car accident that led to the deaths of Roger Rhodes himself and Paul Walker occurred on November 30, 2013. At high speed, the car flew off the track, collided with a post and caught fire. The driver died instantly, while the actor who was in the passenger seat later died from poisoning by combustion products and burns.

Paul Walker's heirs subsequently sued Rodas' successors, demanding the return of several expensive cars that belonged to the actor.

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Author: Jake Pinkman