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Analysts told what the world of technology will be like in 10-15 years


Analysts of the British company CCS Insight presented their scenario of how the world and technologies of the future will develop in a couple of decades and earlier. Some forecasts, mostly more distant, are a bit like fantasy (for example, about the Moon, where in less than 20 years a station of constant communication with the Earth will appear). Other predictions are quite common in nature.

Transport and communications

Interestingly, analysts have taken into account the views of current environmentalists in their forecasts. Thus, the world of the future will become less mobile in ten years - the number of flights that are made for work and other business issues will noticeably decrease by almost 20%. The reason is the harm of such trips to the environment, which activists are already talking about so often now. Many business negotiations that require personal participation will go to virtual reality - this is exactly what CCS analysts predict.


Household predictions of the very near future mainly relate to the world of technology and gadgets. CCS believes that in a few years people will stop buying devices like smart watches or fitness bracelets - their manufacturers will be willing to pay for the users to wear them themselves. It's all about personal data, the value of which will increase even more, and for the sake of it companies will take such steps. And in the very near future, the world expects a sharp drop in the cost of smartphones with support for 5G networks - this is how it will be, analysts say.

Artificial intelligence is coming

In less than 10 years, analysts predict a new round in the development of technologies to establish a connection between a computer interface and the human brain. Such devices, one of which is, for example, Elon Musk's project Neuralink, will go on commercial rails.

According to analysts, new technologies of the future will be even more closely related to the capabilities of artificial intelligence. CCS claims that in three to four years, AI will firmly enter the sports arena, replacing judges. And all this will happen at international competitions, and not just small tournaments.

Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and so on have long been an integral part of many households. In the near future, home "smart" robots will increasingly be added to the main composition of home appliances. According to experts, in six years, 2% of families in developed countries will acquire them.


Drone Fighting

Sometimes drones become a source of danger. To combat pest quadrocopters, technologies of the future have provided for the principle of something like that - "good" drones will begin to fight "bad" ones. Anduril has become one of the projects involved in similar developments. The company recently introduced its own interceptor quadrocopter that can shoot down conventional drones and small unmanned aircraft. It has machine vision in its arsenal to find the desired target, and its entire design is aimed at quick short flights, reaching the target and then returning to the base point.


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