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Intel Launches New Communication Chipsets for iPhone


Intel has launched the process of creating communication chipsets for the new iPhones, scheduled for release in 2018.

The American manufacturer, in addition to its "native" area of components for personal computers, is striving to meet modern trends in high technology and intends to take its market share in the field of gaining momentum 5G - wireless innovative communication of the fifth generation.

Conquering a new market

Most market analysts believe Intel's new announced XMM 7560 processors will be used in new Apple products. Both companies continue to develop their cooperation, which began in 2016 with the release of the seventh iPhone - for them Intel supplied modem processors. Apple, in turn, is trying to leave Qualcomm due to last year's licensing conflicts.

As noted by Asha Keddy, vice president of technology at Intel, the new XMM 7560 chipsets are already undergoing trial tests and will soon be ready for mass production. Caddy admits that the company was a little late in the wireless technology development, but now Intel is on the same level with other market participants and in its plans to overtake competitors.

The vice president is also confident that the XMM 7560 chipset, which develops download speeds of up to 1 GB per second, is quite capable of representing the company on the international market.

The company will produce new modems in-house. Prior to that, in 2016-2017, Intel entrusted the manufacturing process to Taiwanese TSMC. According to experts, Intel still has shortcomings in the quality of its components, so the company will not be able to get absolutely all orders from Apple, as a result of which the manufacturer of iPhones and iPads will have to continue cooperation with Qualcomm (although now Apple is the largest customer of communication chipsets from Intel). The innovative 5G technology, which Intel hopes to successfully spread, was created to support the latest developments: autonomous cars, artificial intelligence technologies, high-quality video streaming, etc.

Expanding Influence

The American manufacturer of computer microprocessors has been actively developing its interests in recent years. In this regard, the company develops products for new market segments. For this, Intel has already made a number of acquisitions: for example, Mobileye - the creator of the autopilot for cars, Movidius and Navarna - the developers of AI hardware solutions, Altera - the world's leading creator of FPGA chips. However, the PC component business still generates about 50% of Intel's profits. Intel's XMM 8060 chip supporting cutting-edge 5G technology was announced in 2019. According to the company, it will be used by mobile operators, as well as well-known flagships of the production of PCs and smartphones.

Also, to further expand its business interests, Intel has established cooperation with the Chinese state platform Tsinghua Unigroup, related to the supply of communication modems for a large number of small Chinese phone manufacturers. As the American corporation explains, issues related to 5G technology are one of its most ambitious projects. Therefore, for a wider coverage of the market, the company intends to act systematically.

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