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Intel Announces Fastest 9th Gen Gaming Processor


Intel has unveiled the latest in its products, including the new Intel core processor, announced by the manufacturer as the best solution for gaming.

The updated line of consumer chipsets, belonging to the 9th generation, is aimed at high-performance PCs and workstations. In terms of the number of cores and computational threads, the company placed its products on the same position as competing AMD chips.

Solutions for the mass market

The manufacturer has released the following options for the mass market: a six-core Intel Core i5-9600K processor, an eight-core Core i7-9700K, and a Core i9-9900K. At the same time, both junior chipsets do not have support for simultaneous multithreading (hyperthreading technology). Only the eight-core Core i9 can boast of hyperthreading, providing 16 computational threads. The most powerful chipset operates in the frequency range from 3.6 to 5 GHz.

Having a good indicator of maximum overclocking frequency and effective performance of a separate thread, the new Intel core processor was named the optimal model for gaming devices. At the same time, the manufacturing company, for greater efficiency in heat dissipation in order to increase the operating frequency, again returned to the method of attaching a radiator using soldering instead of gluing on thermal paste.

High Speed Processors

In addition, even more high-performance solutions are presented. The company has announced seven variants of its X-series chipsets. In the new models, the number of cores varies from 8 to 18. The supported operating frequency is 3-3.8 GHz, the presence of proprietary TurboBoost technology overclocks it to 4.5 GHz.

The Intel Xeon processor is also new. The chip has 28 cores, hyperthreading technology, 38.5 MB of RAM and a heat dissipation of 255 watts. The chip supports ECC memory and C621 compatibility. Intel claims the processor will be suitable for a specific group of content developers for high-performance workstations.

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