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The world is bored with new gadgets - the smartphone market is falling


Analysts have noted a worldwide trend of declining interest in buying new products among mobile and desktop gadgets. This mainly concerns devices of the premium segment. So, the sale of smartphones in the current 2019, according to some forecasts, will show a kind of anti-record, namely extremely low indicators. It concerns not only smartphones - interest in purchasing new models of tablets, laptops and computers, if there is no urgent need, is also declining globally.

Rational approach

The overall fall in the mobile device market is expected to be almost 4% this year. The researchers found that users are no longer eager to buy a new smartphone instead of their slightly outdated model immediately after it hits the shelves. Analysts believe that the loss of interest in new products is primarily due to the lack of fundamentally new functions of the device, because of which users are ready to update the mobile gadget they already have in their hands.


Experts from the research company Gartner have calculated that the current performance of the smartphone market was 10% less than four years ago. According to them, users have become more attentive to the technical characteristics of new mobile devices, and if the latter do not have really good capabilities or performance, consumers prefer to use already purchased gadgets.

All hopes for 5G

Researchers note that the global trend of increasing the terms of use of existing equipment began last year. Analysts predict that 2019 smartphone sales will continue this trend as well. At the same time, if now the average life of a premium smartphone is about 2.6 years, then by 2023 it will grow to 2.9 years.

All is not lost, however, and the smartphone market could revive with the continued proliferation of next-generation 5G networks. 2019 saw the launch of 5G technology in several countries. Among them were the USA, South Korea, Great Britain and a number of other European states. However, even developed countries need some time to cover their main cities with new mobile networks. According to Gartner analysts' forecast, in 2020 only 7% of global telecom operators will be ready to support and provide 5G services.


In 2019, several mobile technology manufacturers have already launched smartphones with support for 5G networks. In a year, even more of them are expected - it all depends on the speed with which the technology of new mobile networks begins to cover the world space and cover cities and countries. Thanks to the 5G standard, the global demand for new models of smartphones may rise again.

According to analysts, the sale of smartphones with 5G function in the next 2020 will amount to 6% of the total sales of all mobile devices. Consumer interest in such smartphones will grow depending on the further coverage of 5G networks worldwide. In addition, a further increase in the supply of 5G smartphones in the market will naturally lead to a decrease in their cost. Researchers predict that by 2023, 5G smartphones will account for more than 50% of all mobile gadget sales.

At the same time, Gartner experts do not advise manufacturers of premium-price smartphones in anticipation of an increase in consumer demand to rely solely on the further development of 5G networks. In their opinion, developers should focus on differentiating between different smartphone models for integration with other devices.

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