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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Wireless Headphones Review


In 2019, Samsung released its first wireless Galaxy Buds. At the same time, the Galaxy S10 line of devices was released, equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The new series of smartphones Galaxy S20 lacks this technology. There has long been a tendency to abandon this connector. Therefore, there was a need for better and more technologically advanced headphones. We will tell you more about the best in the assortment of the Korean manufacturer at the moment.

Design and characteristics

The external data and design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus wireless headphones remain almost the same as their predecessors.


Testers note an improvement in the performance of the touch panels of the device, compared to the first modification. This means that at least their level of functionality has not deteriorated.

Galaxy Buds Plus via Bluetooth 5.0 are able to receive and reproduce stereo sound within a radius of 10 m from its source. They do not have an active noise cancellation system, but they have a built-in microphone and protection against moisture and dust of the IPX2 standard.

The gadget is equipped with dynamic emitters. The package includes a cover that doubles the autonomy. Without it, the accessory can work on a single charge for 11 hours. It uses a USB Type-C port to connect the charging cable.

Galaxy Buds Plus can be controlled using voice assistants Bixby, Siri, Google Assistant.

The product has a standard shape, which is now equipped with most "plugs". The housing is made of two types of high-quality plastic, marked with L and R. This promotes the use of the headphones in the right way.


It is gratifying that each pair is equipped with two additional sets of silicone tips that allow you to conveniently place the gadget in the ear.



Users in their reviews note the convenience of working with Galaxy Buds. The second modification of the gadget is not inferior to its predecessors here. This is noted by all the same testers who had no problems connecting to a mobile device.

Interaction with the Galaxy Wearable software also causes only laudatory epithets. It has received some functional and cosmetic changes.

One of the most needed improvements is the display of the actual battery charge level. It is also worth noting the presence in the menu of the "Laboratories" section, equipped with some experimental functions. As an example, "game mode" can be mentioned, in which the hardware minimizes latency. This approach will be useful in online games where a quick reaction of the gamer is required.


When using a headset, it is possible to use Ambient sound technology, which opens access to external noises. You can also amplify the sounds of your own voice during conversations. Surely this functionality will find its fans and will be in demand.

Sound and its quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus has two converters instead of one previously used in the first model. This fact was expected to improve the sound quality, its clarity. Also, due to the use of an additional third microphone, it was supposed to improve the communication process on the phone.

The developers managed to improve the sound quality in general, but not very much. It is worth noting its best transmission in the mid and high frequency range.

However, the audio performance is still not comparable to that of wired headphones.

Voice assistants

Previously, there were problems with the Galaxy Buds' perception of the user's voice when using Bixby. Unfortunately, this trend continued in the Plus version. The headphones sometimes do not hear the command and therefore do not execute it.


Interaction with other voice assistants is good. Integration with these services does not cause any problems.

Device support and autonomy

The gadget is able to interact with several devices at the same time. To do this, you need to follow a series of steps.

First, you need to sync all the devices you have selected to work with with one account. After that, in the "Media" menu, you need to manually set the permission to display tabs. Also, for normal operation of the function, it will not be superfluous to update the Media and Devices application to the latest version.

The battery life of the new item has increased by almost 50% compared to the first modification of the headphones. It was already indicated above that it is now 11 hours. Using a charging case increases this figure to 22 hours. It turns out a good increase.


The case is equipped with a USB-C port to replenish energy reserves, which allows you to resort to using any charger with such a connector. Wireless charging is also available through the Wireless PowerShare functionality, which is already included in the Galaxy S10, Note 10 and Galaxy S20.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus headphones are a good wireless device for listening to music and talking on the phone. However, they differ slightly from the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Their main disadvantage is the lack of an active noise reduction system.

Therefore, each user must decide for themselves: buy this model for him or wait a little until a more advanced one is released.

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