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Inside # 08.07: Lenovo Legion; OnePlus Buds; Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2; iPhone 12


In the first information block of the next issue of insiders, we will talk about the camera of the Lenovo Legion smartphone. It has an unusual location. A video about this appeared on the network. Then we will discuss the charging technology of the new OnePlus Buds headphones and the first realistic image of the foldable device Galaxy Z Fold 2. At the end of the review, we will find out the essence of the fresh leak regarding the iPhone 12.

A video demonstrating the capabilities of the Lenovo Legion camera has appeared on the Internet

Lenovo Legion is expected to start selling soon. This is a gaming smartphone that has one feature: its camera is located on the side. It slides out when needed.


This form factor suggests that this is, first of all, a gaming device, and only then a smartphone.

The camera has one sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels. Gamers will be able to use it in landscape mode. At such times, many gamblers record a video and then stream it.

If the game is broadcast on a smartphone and the gamer has a desire to include his physiognomy there, then it is difficult to do this with a regular smartphone. If there is a pull-out camera in the upper part of the device, a hand will interfere with its operation. In the case of the front sensor, the situation is also similar.


In Lenovo Legion, this problem does not exist, since the sidebar remains open during the game (often in landscape mode) and the camera in this place does not interfere with the gamer.

Also, this location of the sensor is convenient for taking selfies in landscape orientation.

Lenovo Legion features a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate. For its operation, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ platform and Android OS 10 or 11 have been selected. The volume of RAM here is 6 GB, the built-in memory is 128 GB.

There is also a 90 W fast charger, a main camera with 64 and 12 megapixel sensors. The smartphone is expected to cost $ 670.

OnePlus Buds will get advanced charging technology

OnePlus will soon introduce Buds wireless headphones. The latest leak revealed that they will be equipped with a charging system at a record speed. It allows you to charge the device with energy for 10 hours of operation in 10 minutes.


This is facilitated by the presence of Warp Charge technology. At this time, it is used in the company's smartphones, helping them to quickly charge. Most likely, the company's engineers adapted the functionality to work with headphones.

Now other electronics manufacturers offer something similar, but their numbers are more modest.

For example, Apple AirPods can run for five hours after 15 minutes at the outlet, while Google's Pixel Buds can last only two hours if charged for 10 minutes.

Most interestingly, OnePlus Buds do not need any special charger to achieve a high rate of energy replenishment. To do this, it is enough to use a charging power of 10 W. In this case, the current strength should be at least 1.5 A, and the voltage - 5 V.

It is known that the gadget is equipped with a 430 mAh battery. The package also includes a wireless charger. This will not only increase the cost of the novelty, but also expand its capabilities.

First Realistic Foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Appears

Samsung recently received information confirming the presentation of the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 at the Galaxy Unpacked event, which will take place in early August.

Lately, a lot of information about this has appeared on the network. So, the Ice universe insider posted the first realistic image of the device recently.


Its quality is not the highest, but even such a photo allows you to evaluate the appearance of the novelty. It is now clear that the device has a design similar to the Galaxy Fold: it has a large foldable screen inside and an additional external display that occupies one of the body halves.

The main camera of the product has the same design as its counterpart in the Galaxy Note20, which will also be announced at the upcoming forum.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a 7.7-inch internal screen and a 6.23-inch external screen. The device is expected to receive a Snapdragon 865+ processor and stereo speakers like the Galaxy Fold.

iPhone 12 lineup will get cut-down displays

The announcement of a series of smartphones Apple iPhone 12 is scheduled for this fall, but a lot is already known about it. Insiders regularly update or provide new information.

In one of the latest reports, information appeared that the package of the new items will not include a charger. However, this is not the last unpleasant news. Recently, the Apple Lab's Twitter blog published a publication according to which all models of the iPhone 12 line will be equipped with flat displays.


The source claims that the developers will refuse to use 2.5D glass in them. The design of the device will be similar to the iPad Pro (2020) tablets.

There is an explanation for this. The company's specialists believe that a return to corporate design will improve the user experience: such models do not slip out of your hands. They are easier to work with. This step will also help reduce the cost of all modifications.

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