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Myth from GTA San Andreas turned out to be true


Myths in GTA San Andreas are a pretty old theme in the game world. The game at one time was so cult that it gave rise to a bunch of stories and fables about the fact that in GTA there are aliens, Bigfoot, the Epsilon Cult [it's funny that in the fifth part he still appeared]. Most of the GTA myths are fake, but one of them turned out to be true. It is about him that the author of Kotaku Zak Zwiesen decided to tell.

In 2005, as a 15-year-old teenager, I actively played GTA San Andreas. Then the game was already a year old. However, I spent tens of hours playing it every week. During one of the game sessions, I encountered one of the weirdest and most creepy things in the game - an old car in the middle of the forest.

I then played late at night and wandered around the southern part of the map, where, for the most part, only trees, hills, stones and nothing else. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car drove down from one hill. She was old and broken. She rolled down the hill and stopped in the middle of the forest. I ran up to her and found that no one was driving. It scared me and I quickly left the area.


I didn't know then that I was faced with one of the most popular myths from GTA San Andreas - the ghost car.

Soon after the release of the game, gamers started reporting strange cars in the woods. They drove behind the players, as if someone was driving, but there was no one there. People began to call these mysterious cars ghost cars.

But unlike other famous GTA myths like Piggy or Bigfoot, finding ghost cars is pretty easy. To do this, simply run through the forest in the southern part of the map and wait for the car to find you.

After my first acquaintance with the ghost car, I began to search the Internet for information about it. I quickly unearthed long-lost reports of ghost machines from other fans. Some told the truth, told stories that sounded like my terrible meeting. Others embellished or outright lied. I clearly remember how one guy said that the car chased after him and constantly honked while trying to knock him down in order to scare him even more. Another claimed that while running away from the car, he came across a UFO.


Undoubtedly, today it sounds like nonsense, but 5 years ago it all seemed quite plausible and more scary. At that time, San Andreas was a very big game, and besides, a new one, not fully explored by players. In 2005, it was still a puzzle that no one could solve.

I, like many other players of that time, spent hours looking in the forests and deserts of San Andreas for creepy creatures, secrets, or flew all over the forests on a jetpack, looking for Bigfoot.

Now that we have completely parsed the game code, we know that there are no strange creatures or ghosts. However, before that, the game felt like the real world. It was very big and we didn't know so much about it. It seemed that somewhere out there, aliens and other mystical entities really roam. And so, when we began to regularly find the ghost car, it became a confirmation that our guesses were correct and the game hides a bunch of secrets.

So what is she? Is this really a paranormal Easter egg from Rockstar, which they deliberately added to their crime world simulator? Not. However, the explanation for this in-game phenomenon is quite interesting, although not at all creepy.


There are quite a few cars in the game. Some even have special models with different textures, they can sometimes spawn. For example, The Glendale is a 50s styled car, it has a special version called glenshit in the game files - it's a broken and ugly version of the original The Glendale, as the name suggests.

This broken version of the car can appear in several locations in the southern rural areas of the map. Sometimes she can spawn in the forest on the slopes of the mountains. When this happens [the script is activated only if the player appears in the area] it will just start rolling down this mountain, and accidentally can hit the player. However, more often than not, these cars just crash into something. The game does not generate a driver, so the car is empty. All videos where she moves are either fakes or cheating.

For this reason, most likely, ghost cars are nothing more than unfortunate [or accidental] spawn points for such cars. Could it be that Rockstar put them here on purpose to create creepy cars that ride the hills without drivers? But the more likely answer is that Rockstar wanted players to find trashy and old cars in this part of the map that look abandoned or wrecked. Well, after that, since these points were too close to the hills, they rolled off them and frightened teenagers staying up late playing their favorite game.


There are many mysteries in the GTA series, you can find an entire wiki dedicated to them, but most of them are fake or completely fictional. But some, like ghost machines, turn out to be true. And while the reason ghost cars exist is not at all creepy, these rare, proven myths make it easier to believe that Bigfoot may be there, wandering around Mount Chiliad.

On our own, we add that in the future we will collect for you the top of the most famous myths from the GTA series. Yes, many of them, such as UFOs and the Epsilon Cult, were so popular that the developers recreated them in the fifth part, but we will try to systematize everything that players have found throughout the history of the series.


Cars can also spawn during Vigilante missions. Since the game loads any machines for this mission, including glenshit.

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