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Impossible Mission in GTA San Andreas


GTA San Andreas is filled with a lot of annoying missions. We all remember and hate the infamous mission, where you need to follow the train on a bike and wait for Bigsmoak to be born and start shooting, and after the failure to hear the ill-fated: "All we had to do was fallow the damn train CJ!".

The Zero PC mission was also notoriously nerve-wracking and was so bad that Rockstar changed it in later versions of the game. But not everything in San Andreas is so bad. The game also has missions so easy that you simply cannot fail them. One such mission was remembered by Zak Zwiesen with Kotaku, who loves GTA San Andreas very much. This article contains spoilers.


"Fish in a Barrel" is the name of the mission in the second half of the GTA San Andreas storyline. In the story, Karl works for many criminal gangs in Las Venturas, the local equivalent of Las Vegas according to Rockstar. After all the hard work that has been done to prove that he can be trusted, he is called to a meeting. At this meeting, he and several other characters sign a contract that makes them co-owners of the casino on the Las Venturas strip. They celebrate with a glass.

Everyone. This is the whole mission. One short cut-scene.

I remember playing the game for the first time and getting to this point. Young 13-year-old, I did not understand at all what happened. I thought that somehow I accidentally broke the game or I got one of the many bugs that the game has. San Andreas is a game with bugs and glitches, maybe that's what happened this time? Is the mission malfunctioning or not loading properly? I reloaded my last save and went to the casino mission again. But, like last time, it began with a cut-scene and then ended.

After that, I decided to turn to my San Andreas guide, a large book filled with a ton of information about the game, including a step-by-step guide for each mission. Before that, I never used this section while playing the game, so as not to spoil the impression and not to spoil the plot for myself. Instead, I used it as a book of knowledge to find out, for example, which car is the fastest in the game or where certain shops or weapons are located on the map. Scrolling through the book, I found "Fish in a Barrel", and all that was said about it was a cut-scene. I was still completely confused, but at least I was sure that the game was not broken and it was not my fault.

Since this mission is just a screensaver, people watching the game play through the internet are just watching it.


The comments below the video are as beautiful and as delightful as the mission itself. People joke that this is the hardest task in their life and that it is almost impossible to complete. Many sarcastically claim that it took them several years to complete it. But there are under the video and comments from people who are sincerely surprised by this order of things.

“Stop, stop, is this the whole mission? All you have to do is walk up to the marker, watch the splash screen, and then get a phone call? ”Wrote one of the commenters on You Tube.

Most people in the comments call this mission meaningless and they are right. However, according to many GTA Wikis, this quest was meant to be part of a larger mission where you had to use a golf club to protect casino owners from being attacked by some dudes who attacked him. And although this sounds quite plausible, I could not find any compelling evidence that the mission was cut. People link to various wikis where this information is listed, but every single one does not indicate the origin of this information.

Having rummaged on the Internet, I could not find anything confirming this theory. Perhaps, in some old-old forum that has existed since the time of the release of the game itself, there is a confirmation of this theory, but for now this statement about a stripped-down mission sounds more like a rumor than a reliable fact to me.

The most interesting thing is that although many people laugh with "Fish in a Barrel", this is not the only mission, consisting of one small cut-scene. The earlier “King in Exile” building, in which Cesare is trying to prove to Karl that Bigsmoak is covering up the heavy drug trade [and invites him to try to intercept another shipment from another city on his own] is no better. Its structure is identical to "Fish in a Barrel" - it is just a cut-scene, after which there is no mission. I have no idea why people don’t remember it, but only “Fish in a barrel”, including I also did not pay attention to it, unlike the main subject of our material.

However, unlike the casino quest, there is no mention of The Exiled King being stripped down or abbreviated. And it is logical, because in the splash screen CJ says that he is leaving and ... is leaving. There is no point in inserting a mission here.

In San Andreas, the complexity is horribly changing at times. It has simple tasks like these two cutscenes, and a number of tasks so infuriating and annoying that many players simply skipped them or gave up playing. Ultimately Rockstar had to fix them. Things have certainly changed for the better in the last games of this series, following the difficulty curve more smoothly, and the final missions are more difficult than the original ones. But returning back to GTA San Andreas you will find a roller coaster.

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Author: Jake Pinkman