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TOP Fake Easter eggs and rumors from games


The President of the United States is very fond of repeating such a phrase as "Fake News", and does not hesitate to call all the journalists who write unpleasant things about him with it. And that's true, rumors spread very quickly and the world of video games is no exception. Every now and then on the forums there are different stories about certain Easter eggs and secrets in games, and often these are lodges. Today we decided to talk about the biggest fake Easter eggs in video games.

Street Fighter 3 Secret Character

In the distant nineties, a gaming magazine came up with such a secret character as Shen Long, which supposedly opened after passing certain levels under certain conditions in Street Fighter 3. It was just an April Fool's joke, and of course it did not exist.

However, other gaming publications decided not to check the reliability of this joke and copied the material as sensational news. Many people believed in this, and in the next part of the game, Capcom decided to insert this character as a secret boss. However, they still joke about it as if it's still funny on every April Fools' Day.

Street Fighter 3

Hitler in Call of Duty

Many believed that in the zombie mode of Call of Duty World at War, you can meet the zombie Hitler and kill him. And everyone wanted to do it, because then very few people inserted it into games. It is rumored that after reaching level 100 on the first map of the mode, he appears as a boss. It was a lie.


There was such a rumor about the character Ermak (short for Eror Macro) in Mortal Combat. This was originally a common code error that occurred during a fight with a reptile. People thought it was the code of a secret character named Ermak, and they killed the clock, coming up with different combinations during the battle to open it. In the second part of the game, the developers added a secret phrase in the form of an anogram about the fact that Ermak does not exist. Later, he was added to the game. Before that, he was a fake cheerleader.

Mortal Combat

Bigfoot in the forests of Los Santos

It was a gaming rumor that in GTA San Andres you can meet Big Futa in the forest. Unlike many past gaming rumors, this had a basis, because there is news that it definitely existed in the beta version of the game. But there is no confirmation that it was in the final version. And as often happens, it was added in the future GTA 5.


Herobrine in Minecraft

This gaming legend says that Herobrine is the same character you play as, only without pupils. He appears in the game only at night and tries to scare and grab you. However, it is not difficult to understand - it does not exist. There are no entries about him in the game code, as well as the prescribed actions that he should do.

Evil old lady

A couple of guys recorded a fake video where a gamer playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 shoots at one house and an evil old grandmother comes out of it and begins to scold the player. The video was well edited and many people really bought into it, and spent a lot of time trying to find this grandmother and shoot at her door and throw a flash and noise grenade at her.

Diablo Secret Cows Level

The cow level is a rather old, but common story that in the first part of the game you can get on it by going up to the cows in one of the cities and starting to actively click them. This will open a portal to the cow level.

It was fake, but the developers liked the idea so much that they created it in the next part. It was a level with very valuable loot guarded by cows armed with halberds.

Electronic gaming monthly

This magazine did very high quality pranks in its time, one of which was that Sonic and Tehils were present in Super Smash Bros Melee. To unlock them, you had to defeat 20 characters in hardcore mode, and then win in two on one mode.

The myths of this edition were plausible for the reason that they did not appear in issues on April 1, and no one expected such a setup.

Super Smash Bros Melee

Luigi as a playable character

In Super Mario 64, many people believed that Luigi was a secret playable character. All because of one statue in the game, which bore the inscription "L Real 2401". Many thought that this was some kind of code for the discovery of this character. But later, the exact same inscription was found in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was exactly the same texture, but the gamepad conspiracy theorists were sure it was also an Easter egg. As a result, Nintendo offered a cash reward if someone found a way to unlock Luigi. Alas, since it was a fake Easter egg, nothing happened.

Nudity in Tomb Raider

In a harsh time without 24/7 internet access, many teenagers played Tomb Raider for a number of reasons ... And naturally there were rumors about Naked codes that did not exist. But this did not stop the modders of the time from creating a bunch of similar mods. But let's be honest. Look at the graphic of the first Tomb Raider and the answer to my simple question: Was it really that necessary?

Tomb Raider 1996

This was the TOP of the weird fake Easter eggs and video game rumors, what rumors do you know?

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