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10 Great Game Openings We Love


We know a lot of games that have great soundtracks and we listen to them even after the game has been played. However, some games, like movies, cartoons and anime, have their own main musical themes or openings that stand aside from the main soundtrack. The main musical themes in games are often played in the first cutscene, the main menu, or throughout the game from time to time, but this does not diminish our love for them. We decided to recall 10 great game openings from games.

Fallout 4 Theme

Fallout 4 itself was perceived ambiguously. And it's true, there is a reason to criticize the fourth Fallout. It certainly can't be called "the sequel we've been waiting for," but at least it's not Fallout 76. But there is one thing in Fallout 4 that is considered very cool - its main theme. When you first enter the game and hear the first notes of the menu melody, you get the feeling that now you are going to play GOTY and generally the 10/10 game. It's a pity that this feeling goes away after a while.

Devil May Cry 3 - Devils Never Cry

When Devil May Cry came out in 2000, it didn't have a main theme or opening theme per se. With the release of the third part, the developers from Capcom decided to change this in the story of Dante's ascent. Combining a choir orchestra, rock and techno, she perfectly reflected the character of the protagonist and the mood of the game. In short, she was as cool as Dante himself.

Crash Bandicoot Theme

If there is a theme in the world that reflects not only a specific game, but also the era itself, it is the main theme in Crash Bandicoot, as perky as the game itself, it personifies the days of the first PlayStation and the beginning of Naughty Dog. Now, in hindsight, it's hard to believe that it was with this game that epics like The Last of Us and Uncharted began in the future.

Mortal Kombat Theme

MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT !!!! The main theme of Mortal Kombat became so popular that it went beyond the gaming community a long time ago, and, in principle, became a meme for any video when you need to show an "epic" battle.

Mafia The City of Lost Heaven

The main theme of the very first Mafia is often forgotten. But her music on the main menu is a lot like the tune from the documentary about the old days of the first organized crime. Old photos of mafia members who are either dead or sitting, police reports strewn across the table, an unstuffed cigarette - all of this is shown to us in the main menu. Plus, the game opening itself is excellent and prepares us for a story from the city of the lost paradise.


One of the most difficult choices, which is better to put on such a list: the main theme of TES 3 or TES 5. What is the soundtrack of Morrowind, what Skyrim takes for the soul and is even able to cause a mean tear in a person who played each of these games in his own time. But still, given that Skyrim has become much more popular and famous than its predecessor, I decided to choose the theme of the northern province. With all due respect to TES 3, when the choral singing begins in the main menu of Skyrim, you have a genuine sense of expectation of greatness.

Undertale - Once Upon a Time

And although Undertale has such compositions as The Ruins or the holy of all saints Megolovania are the most famous, its opening Once Upon a Time is also an excellent and atmospheric composition that sets a fabulous tone for the game, although this is not quite a familiar fairy tale. Further, Toby Fox played on her motives in the game more than once, so she deserves to be here as a great game opening.

Silent Hill - Silent Hill

As with TES, it is very difficult to choose the best main theme in the Silent Hill series, given that there are three of them and all are great. Personally, I love the opening of the third Silent Hill "You're Not Here" by Elizabeth McGlynn, as well as the touching "Theme of Laura" that plays on the strings of your soul. But probably, in tribute to respect, preference should be given to the original theme of Silent Hill, under which we first met, both with the franchise and the musical genius of Akira Yamaoka. If it were exactly the top with places, I would put it first.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Nate's Theme

We've heard different versions of "Nate's Theme" four times, with each release of Uncharted. While some might argue that Uncharted 2 is the best, Nate's Theme 3.0 in Uncharted 3 actually brings the biggest improvements that make it sound like a great song. Every time you launch Uncharted 3, you are greeted with this wonderful music in the main menu itself. This is the best gift for a Naughty Dog fan.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword itself may not have been revolutionary like the next Ocarina of Time. But it cannot be denied that this game, like all Zelda games, has an amazing soundtrack and a fantastic main theme. The Ballad of the Goddess is a grandiose, epic theme that is impossible not to love.

Assassins Creed 2 - Ezio's Family

- Our life is wonderful, brother!

- She's great!

- I wish she didn't change ...

- ... and never changed us

It is after these words that we hear perhaps one of the most beautiful main themes in games. It's funny that the music, which then for a very long time in different arrangements, personified the Assassin's Creed series, appeared in the second, and not in the first game. Originally conceived as music to the story of Ezio Auditore, whose life has changed, it perfectly accompanied all the games in the future. I especially love the Odyssey variation. What can I say, Ubisoft know how to turn on the right music at the right moments. Also from Odyssey I would like to note the opening song "Legend of the Eagle Bearer".

GTA San Andreas Theme

I was surprised that in many of these lists, I never saw the main theme from GTA San Andreas, especially considering how iconic the game was San Andreas itself, which gave us one of the best game openings in history. I'll say this with all the criticism possible, but while the themes of all the GTAs are amazing, none of them captures the spirit of the era as well as in the case of San Andreas.

These are not all great game openings, but at least some of the best in our opinion.

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