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How Samsung helps make self-isolation easier and more fun


The coronavirus pandemic has deprived some of their jobs, and driven millions of others home to self-isolation. For some, this approach is not something new, others learn the basics of remote work. After all, you will have to live in this mode at least until May, but possibly longer. We will tell you how to use Samsung technologies and services to make self-isolation more comfortable and effective.

Everyone in the house for work

If the office was closed for quarantine, then your home will help replace it. To do this, you just need to have a smartphone or any other mobile device at hand. It will help you access the tools you need. Don't forget about protecting confidential data.

Situations can be different. Suddenly the child gets your phone in his hands, and he sends a file with personal information to the wrong place.

Therefore, many will find useful such a resource as Samsung Knox.


With this system, it is easy to create two types of space: normal and protected. To switch between them, just click on the icon and enter the password. Some sections of particular importance (Contacts, My Files and Mail) can be encrypted. This is especially true if there is a need for this form of communication with colleagues.

Most of the smartphones of the company from Korea are already equipped with the necessary folder, but if it is not there, then it's not a big deal. All you need to do is download Secure Folder from the Play Store. After that, you just need to put your data there and make a note about it in the interface.

This will make the data available only to the smartphone user. An unauthorized person will not have access to them under any circumstances.

At the same time, the user is free to do whatever he wants with them. He can use the TV screen to view them. This can be done through Samsung Dex. The app is capable of outputting data via HDMI cable. However, they do not need to be copied anywhere.

There is also a Windows Link service that turns a smartphone into an auxiliary gadget. It is as if the user has two PCs in the apartment with a shared clipboard.

You can, for example, copy text on a mobile display and paste it into a Word file open on a large monitor. Here it is really possible to edit it, using the large screen for convenience.

Communication in instant messengers is also available, fast transfer of photos and images.

Keeping fit

While constantly at home, all sorts of thoughts come into my head. Least of all they are devoted to worries about maintaining optimal physical shape. However, a sedentary lifestyle is fraught with health problems.

This is where the Galaxy Watch Active2 comes in. They are able to provide both a training program and simply diversify the user's physical activity.

First, you need to pair your device with the Samsung Health app on your smartphone. Despite the watch's ability to collect data on its own, the program will help remind you of the need for constant warm-ups. Will even set time slots for this. Their compliance will be monitored by smart watches.

The warm-up program should include simple exercises: squats, jumps, push-ups from the floor. You can just walk a few dozen circles around the room. The smart application will calculate everything and display the number of calories burned.

Samsung Health can provide useful motivation. It allows you to set specific goals and go towards their implementation.

The program can also use social functions. It will be nice if the user can measure their achievements with relatives or friends.

This contributes to the emergence of competitive interest, stimulates success.


Psychologists recommend in such cases to take photographs of their achievements and upload them. But this is not for everybody.

No entertainment anywhere

It is now difficult to do without rest from work of various nature. To do this, it is not at all necessary to have a game console or personal computer at hand. It is enough to have an ordinary and simple smartphone.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 120Hz refresh rate display. This contributes not only to the presence of a smooth picture. In games, this functionality allows you to miss less often in "shooters" and more enjoy the beauty of various landscapes while playing strategies and action games.

There are enough preinstalled toys in all models of the Korean company. If they do not suit you, then you can always use the opportunities provided by Google Play. There is a huge selection that will satisfy the needs of the most avid gamer.

If you do not like to play yourself, then give this opportunity to children. They will be very happy. With the S Pen and PENUP, you can try to develop your child's creativity. To do this, the program has everything you need: training lessons, coloring pages, a virtual assistant. Any parent will be delighted with the approach to working with children, which is organized by the creators of this resource.

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