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Samsung to be the first to launch foldable phablet


It is just a matter of time before folding smartphones hit the market. Apparently, Samsung Electronics will be the first company in the world to present such devices. And there is a high probability that all this will happen next year.

Several companies are engaged in the development of flexible screens for mobile phones. All of them see the technology as very promising: it allows the user to operate the device with one hand, but at the same time does not deprive him of comfortable work on the big screen.

“Subcontractors will begin supplying mobile components to Samsung Electronics starting in November. The company will then begin assembling the smartphone, which is slated to launch next year, ”says analyst Park Hyung-woo at Shinhan Financial.

Kim Jang-Yeol, Research Director at Golden Bridge Investment, estimates the retail price of Samsung's foldable phablet will be around 2 million won (or $ 1,850 ) excluding subsidies.

"It will have a 7.3" OLED screen and when folded down, the display will be 4.5 ", says Kim.

Samsung Electronics spokesman Kim Choon-gon says the company does intend to develop a device with a true foldable display, but declines to comment on other specifications and features of the device so far. Kim Ho-jeong, a spokesman for Samsung Display division, has confirmed that the concept is in development, but the company will not give official comments on it yet. We only know that Samsung has registered several new patents, including the technology of folding the display without the risk of damaging internal components. This patent, dubbed "artificial muscle", relates to the motor components of the screen.

According to Park Hyung-woo, the company will showcase the prototype to major US and European mobile operators in private meetings at next year's technology fair in Las Vegas.

Clearly Samsung wants to be the first foldable phablet manufacturer. The South Korean company cannot allow its main competitors, the Chinese, Huawei and ZTE, to outstrip it in this area, as they are also working on their own projects of mobile devices with bendable screens.

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Author: Jake Pinkman