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Ariston Sensys Net and SatPaq Smartphone Accessory


Another review of interesting accessories and gadgets will tell you about the necessary development of Ariston engineers for gas boilers and the invention of Silence Valley.

What else is Wi-Fi for?

More than 120 years ago, thanks to the research of Hugo Junkers, the world received an air heater, which became the prototype of the gas boiler of our time. So mankind learned about another way to heat their homes. It has been used by many peoples for a long time and remains practically unchanged.

Not so long ago, the possibilities of digital technologies began to be introduced into the arrangement of gas heating. Including began to use the capabilities of Wi-Fi.

Ariston engineers have developed the Sensys Net system, which allows remote control of a gas boiler. It's enough to have a smartphone or any other similar gadget at hand. A special block must be connected to the controlled boiler, which makes the whole procedure possible. Thanks to it, data transmission via the Internet will occur.

Sensys Net

As a result, all management processes for this critical device are simplified, time and money saved. The user is able to control all the functions of the boiler.

Thanks to the developed application, it is possible to turn on the heating of the home in advance, before arriving from work or rest, so that by the time of returning its temperature is optimal for the user. It is also realistic to use the option of hourly planning of heating operation modes. This will help you save up to 25% of your total spending.

Access to the system can be configured by allowing it to be used by the service center in order to track possible failures. If this is acceptable, then all faults will be eliminated remotely. This will also save time, since you will not have to wait for the arrival of the master.

How SatPaq Can Help

Sometimes the signal of the cellular network is lost on the street. It annoys us, but we rarely think about the consequences if it happened far from settlements. For example, hunting or fishing. If an emergency occurs or a person is injured, delay can be fatal.

Thanks to SatPaq, developed by Silence Valley, it is possible to make a message from anywhere in the world, even where there is no cellular signal.


The firm's specialists claim that using a gadget it is possible to connect a smartphone to a satellite to transmit information.

For this purpose, the Bluetooth protocol and the SpaceLinq application are used. After attaching the device to your mobile, you just need to create a message and send it.

For its work, SatPaq uses satellites that are in geostationary orbit and ignores those if they are in near-earth orbit. The latter are often out of reach, making it impossible to communicate with them.

Geostationary satellites are at a fixed altitude and hardly move. In an emergency, they will always be a reliable assistant with a gadget developed in Silence Valley.

There is one more side of the issue - financial. Communication with a geostationary satellite costs nothing, except for the payment provided for the transmission of messages. Earth satellites require a monthly fee.

The novelty weighs 110 grams and has a slim body. This allows you to place it in your clothing pocket or backpack. It is equipped with a long-life battery that can withstand many charge / discharge cycles.

SatPaq photo

It is stated that one charge will be enough to send 150-200 messages, and if the device is not used, it will remain operational for up to 5 months.

It also allows you to chat on Twitter, check the weather forecast and share your location.

The usefulness of SatPaq cannot be overemphasized. When an emergency occurs far from people and roads, it is possible to send a distress signal with its help, to receive data from AI (Dr. Dex) to provide first aid to the victim.

The tariffs for all messages are standard, in accordance with the service package of the mobile operator. Therefore, it is unlikely that such messages will not be delivered to the addressee.

The new product will start selling soon at a price of $ 249. So far, only with support for iOS 10 and higher. They promise in the future to make it possible to work with products on the Android platform.

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