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Bosch technology and practical gadgets for car enthusiasts


This review has selected information that will be of interest to motorists. Bosch offers smartphone-based vehicle access technology. In addition, there are technical innovations that will help make any trip safe and interesting.

All you need is a smartphone with an app

Bosch engineers are doing everything to bring keyless access technology to a new level. At CES-2019 next January, they will be showcasing the Perfectly Keyless system to help make this happen. The firm's experts say that this technology will become an insurmountable obstacle for hackers on the way to hacking the vehicle's security system.

A mobile application has been specially developed for the system. It makes it possible to store a digital key in a smartphone. When the driver approaches, through the cloud server, a signal is transmitted to the sensors that are in the car. With the correct digital key, the doors open.


The owner does not even need to carry out any manipulations with the smartphone. The digital key is read automatically, regardless of where the smartphone is - in a pocket, in a bag, in a backpack, etc. This is how this technology differs from others based on the NFC base.

Bosch points out the main advantages of the development. First of all, it is convenience. There is no need to carry a large key ring with you, which is easy to lose. Everyone now has smartphones. At the same time, you just need to keep it in your pocket.

The developers believe that Perfectly Keyless will find application in the car sharing theme, which is currently on the rise.

Someone will ask, what are her shortcomings? Suddenly there will be a loss of the smartphone with the program. But even in this case, certain measures were provided. This technology allows you to very quickly deactivate access to a digital key. All you need is the Internet. You should also monitor the battery level of the device.

Inexpensive and practical DVR

Xiaomi does not only produce smartphones. Among her products are tablets, headphones, TVs, fitness bracelets and much more. This time the company presents 70 Minutes Smart WiFi Car DVR.


The device has a cylindrical body. The recording device is based on the Sony IMX323 sensor, which captures the environment in Full HD. Moreover, the quality does not depend on the level of lighting.

There is a G-sensor capable, in the event of a collision, to activate the recording and block the received video file from deletion. The resulting material is stored on a memory card. It is possible to transfer it via Wi-Fi to a smartphone using a special program.

Device management is easy. To do this, you can use voice applications or one button on its body.

The most interesting thing is that the gadget costs less than $ 30.

Convenient holder

Some car enthusiasts use their smartphones as navigators. At the same time, it is not very convenient to hold the device in hands. To help them, Baseus has developed an automatic holder for smartphones, which, unlike most similar devices, will not let you down on a trip and will securely fix the smartphone. And automatically.


The product is not afraid of any shaking. The device is also interesting for the presence of the possibility of wireless charging. There is no need to connect a wire to your smartphone, you can forget about the need to recharge it on the road.

Holder cost $ 12.29

Vacuum cleaner

At this time, most of the vehicles are operated in intensive mode, at any time of the year or day. Therefore, there is no escape from debris and dirt in the cabin.

A special Yantu vacuum cleaner will always be at hand and will allow you to put things in order in the car. It is compact and does not take up much space. Its cable is almost five meters long, which makes it possible to remove both the interior and the trunk. The gadget has a powerful motor that cleans the lint of the car floor from small crumbs and any other debris.

Comes with a flexible hose and a special nozzle for cleaning hard-to-reach places.


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