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Inside # 05.06: new features of Android 11; powerbank from Xiaomi; tablet version of the HONOR X10 smartphone; OPPO 80W charger


In the next issue of the insider, we will first talk about some changes in the functionality of the Android 11. Then we will discuss the capabilities of the powerful Xiaomi powerbank and the tablet version of the HONOR X10 smartphone. At the end of the review, we will find out the features of the new charger from ORRO.

Android 11 will get a mechanism for storing deleted files

Little is known about the new operating system. Insiders recently reported that Android 11 will provide users with a new mechanism for storing deleted files.

This is a recycle bin for storing unused files and programs. This will improve the system's capabilities, for example, remove the 4 GB limitation for video playback.

Now applications that work with the MediaStore API and are temporarily not used will not need to be removed. Instead, they just need to be placed in the basket. Subsequently, you can extract the program at any time and restore its activity.

This mechanism is similar to the work of a basket in a PC. The difference is that this functionality is hidden by default and is displayed only upon request. If the contents of the shopping cart are not used, they will be automatically deleted after thirty days.


It is also known that Android 11 will require applications to receive requests from users before they modify any media file that does not belong to the application itself.

Also, the new "operating system" will receive one more function - "Favorites". With its help, you can set the status of multimedia as favorites. This will make it possible to express your attitude towards a particular application.

Powerful external battery from Xiaomi

Users have already had the opportunity to evaluate Xiaomi powerbanks for 10,000 and 20,000 mAh. Recently, they have the opportunity to use the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 device with a capacity of 30000 mAh for their needs.


An external battery with such data first appeared in the product range of a Chinese manufacturer. Interestingly, the device supports 18W fast charging. It costs only $ 24. Sales of the gadget will begin in three days.

The possibilities of the novelty are impressive. It is capable of charging Xiaomi Mi 10 and Redmi K30 Pro more than four times, and iPhone SE more than 10. The main thing is that Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 is equipped with the ability of intelligent compatibility with gadgets from different manufacturers.

The device received two USB Type-A connectors, one USB Type-C interface and one Micro USB port. USB Type-A and USB Type-C support fast charging capabilities, that is, they can be used to charge at a speed of the corresponding power of 18 watts. This will charge three devices at the same time at the fastest speed possible.

Using a USB Type-C to Lightning cable, it is possible to replenish the lost energy of such a mobile device as iPhone within a short period of time.

When you double-click on the power button, you can start the charging mode for weak devices. These include Bluetooth headsets and smartwatches.

The input power of the USB Type-C interface is 24W. Using a 30-watt charger, the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 can be charged in just over seven hours.

New modification of the HONOR smartphone

Less than a month ago, a Chinese company introduced the HONOR X10 smartphone.


However, the engineers of the company decided not to stop there and developed a new modification of the device. In the information from insiders it is said about the imminent launch of the HONOR X10 Max model with a display diagonal over 7 inches.

Network informant Digital Chat Station claims that the device will be built on the basis of the mobile platform Dimensity 800. The company intended to install one of the more efficient Dimensity 1000 or 1000+ processors there and even increased orders for them from MediaTek by 300%.

However, due to the high demand for these products, it was not possible to use them in the new model.

The source of information claims that the main nuance of the novelty will be the presence of a 7.09-inch "tablet" display with a 5000 mAh battery that supports fast charging with a power of 18 watts.

The release date of HONOR X10 Max and its other specifications are not yet known.

ORRO Charge

OPPO has developed one of the most famous SuperVOOC 2.0 technologies, which allows you to charge any mobile device in a short time. This invention has long been in demand among users.

Units that are certified to this standard have a maximum power of 65W.

Recently, insiders reported that ORRO engineers have found an opportunity to increase the power of their charger to 80 watts. This is the peak value of the parameter.


Network sources claim that the new charging will be shown early next year. So far, no comments have been received from the manufacturer's mill on this matter. Therefore, it is not yet clear which mobile devices will be the first to receive compatibility with the new power supplies.

Insiders have no clue on this either.

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