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An official iPhone jailbreak service has appeared on the market


The DriveSavers project from the United States offers to hack an iPhone as a regular commercial offer to its customers. The company provides a full-fledged guarantee for the service of extracting information from the "apple" smartphone. DriveSavers staff help you get all personal data, contacts, correspondence and other information stored on your phone. The service is estimated at around $ 4,000, but the hacking method itself is not disclosed in order to keep the technology secret from competitors and hackers.

Not for everyone

The project does not work with everyone - the iphone jailbreak program is not designed for every case. The service can only be obtained by the legal owner of an Apple smartphone in case of his own forgetfulness of the password or difficulties with the passage of TouchID and FaceID scanners with the obligatory provision of proof of his rights to the iPhone. In certain situations, when you need to get data from someone else's gadget, the company will ask you to submit the relevant documents, for example, a will, death certificate, etc.

The DriveSavers project is categorical and openly declares that it does not agree to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, helping them in obtaining data from smartphones of lawbreakers or suspects of a crime. The company specializes not only in iPhones and other Apple products - DriveSavers offers its assistance to owners of devices of certain brands (for example, LG, Lenovo and Huawei) based on Windows or mobile Android.

Apple Corporation, speaking about the security of personal data of the owners of its products, has more than once officially stated that hacking the iphone is fundamentally impossible. In 2016, the police officers involved in the high-profile case of the shooter in the California city of San Barnardino were unable to hack the person involved in the crime on their own. To do this, they had to involve a professional who, for a reward of $ 1 million, nevertheless managed to protect the phone.

Iphone 7

Other Hackers

The American company is not an exclusive provider of such a service; hacking an iPhone is also offered by the Israeli project Cellbrite for $ 1,500. The company works with iPhones and iPads running iOS 5 through 11.

Now the iOS operating system is presented in version 12, however, experts have already discovered "holes" in it, allowing information to be obtained from the latest iPhones, including the new items of 2018. IOS vulnerabilities were identified by one of the platform specialists, who posted a visual video confirmation of the accessibility on the network.

Artificial intelligence is now a kind of cracker. Newly developed unique algorithms have taught the neural network to fake fingerprints of the owners of mobile and portable devices, thereby bypassing fingerprint scanners of smartphones and laptops based on Android and iOS.

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