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Xiaomi unveils the world's cheapest 5G smartphone


Xiaomi has announced the new Xiaomi Redmi smartphone, which has become the cheapest mobile device in the world with 5G access. Its cost in the most affordable configuration with support for fifth generation networks is $ 285, which is no more than 18,000 rubles. The Redmi K30 is presented in two versions - with support for 4G and 5G, with four assemblies for each version.

General specifications

The base of the Redmi K30 in the usual version is the eight-core Snapdragon 730G processor with overclocking up to 2.2 GHz and supplemented with Adreno 618 graphics. Its "older" brother, the Xiaomi 5G smartphone, received a single-chip Snapdragon 765G overclocked to 2.4 GHz. The smartphone became the first in the world to own this processor. The chip is supplemented with an X52 5G module and an Adreno 620 video processor.


The device is powered by a 4000 mAh battery with fast charging of 30 and 27 W (for versions with and without 5G). The Redmi K30 has support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 wireless technologies, GPS receivers, GLONASS. The smartphone is equipped with two SIM card slots, a microSD slot, a USB-C port and a separate audio input. The device has an NFC module for contactless transactions and an FM receiver. The operating system is Android 10, supplemented by MIUI 11.

Screen and camera

In addition to the cost of the 5G version, the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone also stands out for its screen features - its refresh rate is 120 Hz, which is quite rare for devices in this price category. The slim 6.67-inch display of the Redmi K30 is located on 91% of the front side of the case. The screen is based on an IPS matrix and supports Full HD + resolution. As its protection, the smartphone uses Gorilla Glass 5.

Unlike the traditional selfie camera cutout (like the Redmi K20), the new K30 has a small oval cutout in the screen itself. It was placed in the upper right corner, where it was located for the 20 and 2 MP sensor. There is no fingerprint scanner built into the display, its place was on the side of the device.


The announced Xiaomi smartphone received a four-module main camera. Its sensors are located one after another vertically in the central part of the rear panel of the case. The main module among them is the Sony IMX686 with a resolution of 64 MP. It is complemented by a wide-angle (120 degrees) 8 MP matrix and a pair of 2 MP sensors. One of them is responsible for the depth of the picture (ToF-camera), the other is used in macro photography. The module resolution for macro shooting in the 5G version of Redmi K30 is 5 MP instead of 2.

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