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Debian Operating System


Debian is a non-commercial open source operating system built on top of the Linux kernel and maintained by a community of users and developers.

The distribution was developed back in the early 90's and is the most stable, flexible and reliable system in operation. There is support for many architectures, that is, it can be installed both on full-fledged desktop Intel and AMD processors, and on mobile ARM 32 and 64 bit families.

Official system support

The Debian system developers thoroughly test the latest version for bugs and vulnerabilities prior to release. Programmers rely on reliability and stability, so the release date of the next build may be delayed.

There are several branches of the distribution available to users:

  • oldstable is an outdated and outdated distribution that has been supported by developers for some time;
  • stable - up-to-date distributions with the latest service packs and closed vulnerabilities;
  • testing - stable build based on test distributions;
  • unstable - to run fresh packages and go to the testing stage;
  • experimental are not usable assemblies. They require thorough testing, as a rule, everything ends up changing the entire distribution.

System Updates

A new distribution is released approximately every two years. Builds have a five-year support period officially. It is recommended to update immediately after the release of the new version. The latest build already has over 50,000 software driver packages.

Many Windows counterparts have been developed and ported for Debian. Third-party software can be installed both from the repositories and using .deb packages or converted from .rpm.

Who is using the Debian distribution?

Nobody keeps official statistics, but both large organizations and ordinary users use the distribution as an alternative operating system. An alternative use of the distribution is to use your own web server.

I would like to try the system, how to do it?

In many forums you can find information on how to install the distribution on your computer or external media. Detailed documentation can be found on the official website. As a first acquaintance, try installing an image on a Debian Live stick. The latest versions support USA.

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