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Apple Implements New Strategy for iOS 14 Development


Apple has decided to change its approach to developing its operating system. The corporation expects that the next new iOS will be released as part of this strategy and will become a better product that will not require endless improvements.

The expected iOS 14 release is scheduled for fall 2020. By this time, the new version of iOS should be the result of an updated organization of the workflow for creating and further testing the system. As planned by Apple, the company's engineers and developers will interact with each other in a new way, which will result in a more stable platform.

The corporation does not want to repeat its own mistakes after the release of iOS 13, when the first versions of the system turned out to be "buggy" and required additional improvements. The release of a stable build of iOS 13 took place in September, and after a couple of months it has managed to gain a reputation as the most unstable version of all Apple operating systems. Users noticed slow application performance, problems with email and cellular signal. As a result, Apple did not fix the shortcomings of version 13.0, focusing immediately on 13.1. After that, engineers have repeatedly added various patches to refine the stable version of the operating system.

The problem with iOS was caused by the human factor. As it turned out, the engineering teams responsible for the development of various functions and applications worked without coordination, without informing about the introduction of a particular option in a new assembly. The result was usually a congestion of the next version of the OS. At the same time, the implemented functions were often not fully tested, and sometimes interfered with each other or other elements of the system.

Apple management decided to fix this. So, according to the decision of the corporation's top management, the new iOS will be the result of a modular approach. Its meaning is that from now on in working assemblies of the operating system, all incomplete functions will be isolated. By default, all unfinished components will be disabled, and their activation will occur selectively depending on their full readiness for inclusion in the final build.


This approach makes it easier for engineers to follow all stages of development. Apple expects a modular approach to reduce the burden on test versions of iOS. In addition, developers will be able to activate and deactivate various features during testing if they start throwing errors.

The new development strategy will affect not only the iOS update, but also other proprietary Apple operating platforms. With the help of a modular approach, watchOS systems for smart watches, tvOS firmware for the branded Apple TV set-top box, iPad OS for tablets will also be developed.

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Author: Jake Pinkman