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Why switch to Linux and which build should a newbie choose?


Let's try to figure out what Linux can be good for.

What's wrong with Windows

The era of Microsoft's monopoly is over! Of course, Windows operating systems are very convenient, especially for novice users, but they have a number of disadvantages that make you think about switching to Linux:

  • weak security level;
  • poor stability;
  • commercial use;
  • total surveillance of the user.

The last drawback is not at all a consequence of paranoia. Microsoft says it is necessary to combat piracy. But what difference does that make? Alas, nothing.

Why Linux Is Good

The Linux operating system is provided to users free of charge. In addition, Microsoft's main and only competitor has several advantages:

  • open source;
  • high level of virus protection;
  • a large selection of free "software";
  • stable kernel.

The developers have not monopolized Linux. Any user can contribute to the development of this operating system due to the openness of the program code. There is no need to use an antivirus. Linux has been running like clockwork for many years - it's not Windows that needs to be reinstalled every six months.

Which Linux build should a novice user choose?

There are several dozen versions of Linux - among such a variety, it is easy for a beginner to get lost or choose something not quite suitable, for example, Arch Linux or Debian. Newbies are encouraged to start their journey in the world of Unix-like OS with Ubuntu or Mint . So, your choice has already been reduced to two options!

Ubuntu Linux

Linux Ubuntu

With Ubuntu, an incredible amount of software is available to the user! This OS is regularly updated and improved! The graphical interface of Ubuntu is very different from what we are used to seeing in Windows - because of this, it is very difficult for novice users to understand the functionality of the new platform. However, more experienced veterans can do this task.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint

The Linux Mint platform comes with the Mate or Cinnamon graphical environment, which is developed based on the user-friendly Windows interface. This operating system runs on the Ubuntu kernel.

The set of "software" is much smaller than that of the latter, but 99% of users who do not use a computer to solve highly specialized tasks, the available applications are enough for any purpose!

Don't touch the rest of Linux, at least not yet. You may not need them. Ubuntu and Mint are a great replacement for Windows!

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