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OnePlus 7 Pro is the fastest Android smartphone in Geekbench testing


At the moment, many different programs and applications have been developed that evaluate some of the capabilities of mobile devices. One of the most interesting and popular applications is Geekbench, thanks to which you can find out data on the processor performance of any gadget.

Two of the fastest devices in the world

According to the Geekbench program, the fastest mobile device in the world is now the Apple iPhone XS Max, which scored 11,416 points in the multi-core test.

This smartphone is developed on the A12 Bionic SoC platform, which was created by the specialists of the American Apple, and manufactured at TSMC.

By chance it became known that yesterday the testing of the product, codenamed OnePlus GM1917, took place. Experts suggest that this is the OnePlus 7 Pro. The developers have equipped this device with 12 gigabytes of RAM.

It is known to be powered by the Snapdragon 855 platform, one of the most advanced processors in the world. The OnePlus 7 Pro scored 11,012 points in multi-core testing.

OnePlus 7 Pro test

This suggests that it is the fastest Android device at the moment.

Until now, the leaders among Android devices were the Samsung Galaxy S10 + (it uses the same Snapdragon 855 processor) and the Huawei P30 Pro. The latter operates on the platform of Huawei's own Kirin 980 chipset.

These smartphones received 10,099 and 9745 points during testing on Geekbench, respectively.

Features of the OnePlus 7 Pro technical equipment

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the first smartphone from the company to feature a curved QHD + (1440p) display. Its screen has received an actual resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels. The result is an interesting aspect ratio of 19.5: 9.

The developers claim that the device has the ability to play video files more smoothly. The reason for this lies in the use of filling by the company's engineers, which allows you to create a refresh rate equal to 90 Hz. Other developers use 60 Hz for these needs.

OnePlus 7 Pro review

A 4000 mAh battery is responsible for the autonomy of the device, which was taught to quickly charge from a 30 W source.

According to Geekbench, it can be seen that the smartphone is equipped with a pre-installed version of OxygenOS based on Android 9 Pie. It will be sold in several colors: blue; gray and brown.

Device Cameras

The main camera of the gadget, installed on the rear panel, received three lenses. The main one has a resolution of 48 megapixels. An additional eight-megapixel sensor was equipped with a 3x optical zoom. The third lens is ultra wide angle. Its resolution is 16 megapixels.

Experts note that one of the features here is the lack of a ToF sensor in the OnePlus 7 Pro, while all advanced and flagship smartphones of other companies are equipped with it.

OnePlus 7 Pro camera

This sensor is designed to measure the time it takes for infrared light to reach the subject and return it back. Such data is important as it is used in the compilation of a three-dimensional map of space and objects, more accurate depth measurements and for AR applications.

Another design feature of this unit is its front camera. It is single, with a resolution of 16 megapixels. Interestingly, the camera is retractable. Thanks to this, the surface of the smartphone screen is free from any cutouts and has thin bezels.

Specifications and Pricing.

It is currently known that the 4G version of the smartphone, which has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, will cost $ 699. A device with 8 GB of "RAM" and 128 GB of internal memory will cost $ 749, and the most advanced model with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory will receive a price tag equal to $ 819.

There will also be a 5G version of the OnePlus 7 Pro. It will be delivered to several countries around the world. But the exact data of this process has not yet been established. It is not clear which country in the world the shipments will start from, and the developer company does not comment here.

The smartphone is announced on May 14, and the start of sales is predicted on May 22.

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