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Insider # 4.08: Galaxy S11; iQOO Pro; new DJI products


The next release of insider news is devoted to information about the development of the Galaxy S11 smartphone. We'll also talk about Vivo's new device and DJI product presentation data.

Galaxy S11 will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor

More recently, the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone was presented. Some users were unhappy with the fact that the filling of this device does not use the most advanced Snapdragon 855 + chipset, but its less powerful version of the Snapdragon 855. It is also known that some modifications of this gadget work on the Exynos 9825 platform, which gives out no less high-quality performance indicators.

The user is always missing something or it seems that what is available is not enough. In addition, there are rumors that the models of the near future will be equipped with an even more powerful processor.

These assumptions are confirmed by insiders. According to recent leaks, the Galaxy S11 smartphone will receive a Snapdragon 865 processor. They even got hold of the test results of such a device. This data is encouraging.

The first information on this matter was provided by the well-known Ice Universe insider. He claims that the product called "Qualcomm Kona" is powered by the Snapdragon 865. As a result of testing, it scored 12,946 points in multi-core and 4160 in single-core.


The data source claims that these are only primary indicators and do not reflect the true capabilities of the new chipset. But even they show that the product is significantly more powerful than the most progressive at the moment Snapdragon 855. After all, the new product showed an increase in data by 700 points in single-core mode and almost 2500 in multi-core mode. So far we can talk about a 20% increase in productivity. However, this figure could easily rise to 30% or more. Developers from Korea have more than six months before the start of sales of flagship devices, including the Galaxy S11.

The above tested device is running Android 10, but experts are firmly convinced that the operating system will still be optimized. They also draw attention to the fact that the published performance data of the Snapdragon 865 showed with only 6 GB of RAM. Therefore, we can firmly state that the available numbers in the benchmark are not final, the real capabilities of the chip have yet to be known.

The device under test is faster than the A12 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone XS and XS Max. However, we should wait for its 13th version, which will form the basis of the hardware for future products of this company.

Apple A13 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 are expected to use extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography to expand the capabilities of the 7nm process. After all, their predecessors A12 Bionic and Snapdragon 855 are already built on a similar base.

Another 5G device from Vivo

At the beginning of this summer, the Vivo sub-brand announced the iQOO 5G smartphone. This device was the first product from the company to support fifth generation networks.

Recently, this developer announced the production of another iQOO Pro device with the same capabilities. The announcement of the gadget is scheduled for August 22, it will be held in China.

The main distinguishing feature of the device is its work on the basis of Snapdragon 855 Plus with 5G Snapdragon X50 modem. One of the manufacturer's executives explained that the smartphone will receive a more advanced camera, a capacious battery, high-quality sound and the ability to optimize the gaming experience. These advantages will distinguish the new product from the first 5G product of this company.

DJI Product Announcement

DJI will hold a presentation in August with the slogan “Creativity Without Borders”. Prior to that, several teasers appeared on the network, characterizing this event as entertainment. It is assumed that it will present products of various directions.

One such product will be the DJI Mavic Mini drone, images of which are already available on the Internet. Thanks to them, you can understand that the gadget has a modest size. It can be folded up for easy transport or storage.


In addition to this device, the presentation of the Osmo Mobile 3 handheld stabilizer is expected. Data about it has already been "lit up" on the network.

The company may be announcing other new items.

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