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Samsung received a patent for two unusual smartphones


The number of cameras in smartphones is constantly growing, and now you can already find devices with five lenses. However, Samsung is not going to stop there and plans to release its Samsung smartphone, which will feature a camera system consisting of six modules.

More cameras

A South Korean manufacturer has filed a patent that describes a smartphone with a six-module camera. At the end of 2019, the company submitted a document to the World Intellectual Property Organization, which describes a mobile device with an innovative camera on 55 pages, and has now received the rights to its development.

The technical documentation describes a system of six separate photomodules that form a smartphone camera. Five of them are the same wide-angle lenses, another is a telephoto lens. In addition to these, there is also an LED flash.


At the same time, the new Samsung smartphone is unusual not so much in the number of cameras as in their capabilities. All modules can be rotated when a certain mode is activated. Tilting to the sides, the movable sensors increase the angle of view, allowing you to take panoramic shots. The rotating mechanism of the cameras is supplemented with special software, which allows you to process and combine individual images into a single photo.

According to Samsung developers, rotating cameras can improve almost every detail of photography, in particular, improve focus. In addition, a system of movable cameras will allow you to photograph panoramic views without moving the camera.

The company has not made any official announcements about plans to release a device with six cameras, although it is possible that one of the future devices of the Galaxy family will receive a system of movable photo modules.

Z-shaped flexible smartphone

In addition to the six-chamber device, the Korean company has patented another Samsung smartphone with an unusual form factor. Its screen can be folded in two directions at the same time: one part of the display goes inward and the other goes outward. Ultimately, the device takes on a zigzag appearance. In this case, parts of the screen are bent rather than folded to the end.


At first glance, such a Samsung smartphone looks like a clamshell equipped with a modern flexible screen. However, patent documentation gives an idea that the device does not bend quite evenly, leaving an uncovered part of the display, where various notices remain visible. Also, the place of the front camera or the fingerprint sensor can remain open, which allows the smartphone, even in a half-closed form, to identify its owner.

Samsung applied for the Z-shaped smartphone through its subsidiary back in 2018, and it wasn't until almost two years later that the patent offices approved the patent. That said, the company may never start producing such devices, but the approved patent document gives an idea of what experiments the company is conducting in this area.

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