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How to install and use Adobe Creative Cloud


A software solution from Adobe that combines the loader and application manager of the company of the same name.

It can be used to install Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign and many others. It also has the ability to download ready-made vector images, icons and fonts.

Designer. Photographer. Film director. Dreamer. Whoever you are, you will always find the best creative apps on Creative Cloud so you can bring your ideas to life without limits, wherever creative inspiration strikes.

By clicking on the link you can download a program for your computer, in which you can already select the required software.

Let's take a closer look at how to download, install and what features Adobe Creative Cloud has

Going to the Adobe Creative Cloud website, click the trial versions button to try all applications for 30 days.


Or we can immediately buy the required software package or each program separately. To do this, you need to follow the link where you can see in detail the differences between plans and choose the appropriate one.

Don't try to find it on the Creative Cloud description screen, it simply isn't there. Adobe has a different approach to usability and they think they should buy right away.

Individual plans

Photography Programs for individual users. Please read the descriptions of programs and additional options carefully.

Key benefits:

  • Available to everyone.
  • Allows you to install the package on 2 machines (for example, at home and at work)
  • Download and sync fonts and images.
  • Access to the Behance-powered portfolio platform
  • Ability to buy the whole application at once or each separately

Business Plans

Photography Business software. Convenient purchase and distribution of access to employees

Key benefits:

  • Convenient collaboration
  • Optimized Control
  • Flexible purchasing options

Students and teachers (individual)

Adobe photography is offering significant discounts to faculty and students. This offer is available to teachers and students as individuals, not to the university or school as a whole!

To get a discount, you need to indicate email on the educational domain, for example .edu, when purchasing. And it's worth remembering that this discount is valid for 1 year, and then you will have to pay at the standard rates for Individual users

Key benefits:

  • Lowest price of all packages
  • The same set of applications as the individual package, but at a lower cost
  • ! Mail is strictly required, on the domain of an educational institution or department, the Ministry of Education

Universities and schools

Photography Same package as for companies, only with substantial discounts for educational institutions

Key benefits:

  • The best price for one of the packages for companies
  • Same set of applications as for business, but significantly cheaper
  • ! Mail is strictly required, on the domain of an educational institution or department, the Ministry of Education

How to change language and install folder for Adobe Creative Cloud app

After downloading and installing, you will be presented with the Creative Cloud app

Photo This section displays actions on your account, such as installed applications or likes on Behance >

First, let's go to the settings and select the language of the applications that will be installed with us.

This should be done just before installing applications, since it is not possible to select a language in all applications

To go to settings, click on the gear in the upper right corner of the application and select Settings.

Photo Also, right in this panel, you can see the occupied space, stop syncing files and go to the site to manage your account.

Select the Creative Cloud section from the top menu to change the application language (default system language)

I highly recommend using applications in English, since all manuals and a good one are created in it or without taking into account USA translation

After choosing the language, you can also change the folder for installing your applications.

Photo By default, the system language and the folder on Adobe on the C: drive is used

How to install Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and any other programs from the Adobe Creative Cloud package

Let's return to the start screen and select Apps

Photo Already installed applications can be opened, but those applications which you do not have to install accordingly

CC Files, Fonts & Store

  • The Creative Cloud app also has the ability to sync your files (yes, yes, just like a dropbox, but much more inconvenient).
  • Download illustrations and drawings from the Store (They will be immediately available in your library in any application)
  • Install and sync fonts between devices (convenient if you do not have access to install the desired font. If it is in the application, it will always be with you) from Typekit


By going to the files tab, you can see how much space you have left, as well as quickly go to the folder on your pc where the files are located. You can also go to the site and edit files in the cloud.



In the fonts section you can see a list of installed fonts, as well as go to the Typekit website to search for them, install and remove fonts.



In the store you can download icons, vector images and illustrations from different authors


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