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Best PDF Editing Software in 2018


Although the PDF format is 25 years old, it is more useful than ever in our cross-platform world, where we have many different computing devices.

In most cases, you can get by with free PDF readers to view and comment on files. Sometimes, especially for work, you need to edit a PDF file, usually you need to install a paid program for this.

Historically, Adobe Acrobat has been the most popular choice, but it is also the most expensive, so it is often out of reach for home users and small businesses. This gives the chance to many alternative proposals with different functions and purposes.

Best PDF Editor - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc
Photo Main program window

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC remains a model for many reasons. It is a combination of creation, editing, viewing and security. The interface has recently been redesigned to make it easier to navigate the application, and a cloud subscription gives access to advanced features for individuals and small businesses.

The program has a trial period of 30 days, during which you can make sure whether it is necessary and irreplaceable or not

Buying the same program will cost you $ 18 (or you can buy the entire Adobe software package for 3,300 rubles per month


Second place - Nitro Pro 11

Nitro PDF
Photo Main program window

The fight was tense, but Nitro Pro 11 lagged behind the leader a little. It uses a Microsoft Office ribbon-style interface and integrates with its own and third-party cloud services.

The licensed version costs $ 159 per user.


What to look for when choosing a PDF editor

Create, convert and export PDF files. The most fundamental function of such applications is the ability to create PDF files from scratch by scanning a paper copy or converting digital documents. A good editor should be able to convert files of various types, from Microsoft Office and images to HTML.

This should happen quickly and quietly, while maintaining the original formatting. It will not hurt to support recognition technology so that the text can be edited and searched.

The editor must be able to export files of this format to other editable formats, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, HTML, plain text, while preserving hyperlinks, images and other elements.

Editing content. Another important feature of editors is to change text. These are inserting, resizing and moving images, transforming pages.

Good programs accomplish these tasks as easily as a word document. Here you can edit line by line, drag and drop graphics, add and remove hyperlinks.

View and Annotate. A good editor should allow you and any other user to add comments and other notes to PDFs as they view them. There should be tools to markup text documents and graphics files such as web pages.

Typically there are sticky notes, underlining, handwriting tools, annotations with messages like "Approved", "Viewed", "Confidential", etc.

Security. Many working papers contain important information. Look for a PDF editor that includes security mechanisms that only authorized users can access.

Good programs have several levels of protection, including password, permissions, and the ability to hide selected text and images. There should also be methods for electronically signing documents.

Mobile support. Deep editing is best done on a computer, but it doesn't hurt if you can make edits on the fly. Usually PDFs can be viewed in any such program, regardless of where they were created, but choose the option with a separate mobile application.

It should be optimized for smartphones and allow access to cloud storage through a browser.

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