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What to play in spring? March Games Release Calendar


Spring is finally here! And the joy is not only because the damn cold is slowly leaving, but also in the fact that cool games are on the way, which will be released this month, and will often delight the PC of boyars and owners of Orthodox consoles. We present you the release calendar for March.

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove (PC, PS4, X One)

Release date: March 1

It so happened that in the great era of 16-bit, the game ToeJam & Earl. And nostalgia for her is the lot of the oldfags of the West. Now we can get acquainted with this American classic. The developers promised us a fun atmosphere, charismatic characters and a bunch of little activities. The game is out now and you can buy it for all platforms.

Dead or Alive 6 (PC, PS4)

Release date: 1 March

And so, a new era of the series has begun. The sixth part of Dead or Alive decided to be a little different in its style. For many, the game is more likely not a fighting game, but a collection of half-naked, fighting girls with polished physics of swaying breasts. But don't worry - the latter hasn't gone anywhere, but the degree of sexuality has diminished and the characters have become more modest. We are waiting for a bunch of both old and new fighters. The game is out now.

Left Alive (PC, PS4)

Release date: March 5

Action from Square Enix in the universe of the old and forgotten Front Mission series, tells about the war in the city of Novo-Slava. And they fight there not with simple weapons, but with huge furs. The gameplay is varied: you can play the game both in stealth and in combat mode, throwing your fart pistol at robots.

The return of the game in this series is quite unexpected, and it may delight fans and new players alike. But for the sake of objectivity, I will say that so far the assessment of the game is not encouraging. You can evaluate it yourself now.

The Occupation (PC, PS4, X One)

Release date: 5 March

After the terrorist attack, which killed 23 people, the British government wants to adopt a pact to combat terrorism, which will significantly affect human rights and freedoms. We play as a journalist who has only a few hours to collect all the rash facts, evidence and try to prevent the adoption of this document. The gameplay takes place in real time and may end even if we are idle.

We are faced with a dilemma: to act like a journalist, following ethics, or to achieve the truth by force? It's up to you to decide from today.

Devil May Cry 5 (PC PS4)

Release date: March 8

Are you ready to cry with joy because of the return of the coolest and brutal (anime brutal) demon hunter? There is already too much information about this first major release in March, so it's hard to say anything new about DMC 5.

One thing is clear - the game will be wildly cool and will try to regain the trust of the players after the last controversial part. We've all been waiting for an excellent slasher, and this is exactly what Devil May Cry 5 will be with new cool mechanics and tricks. At your own risk, you can watch the last trailer, which has a spoiler. In short, get ready to cry with the demons on March 8th.

The Division 2 (PC, PS4, X One)

Release date: March 12

At one time, the Division fought with Anthem on the number and implementation of cool mechanics, such as flying. But then Anthem came out and got fooled for stupid grind and boring setting. In its turn, critics and journalists liked The Division 2 in the closed beta test.

While the game looks a little boring from the outside, Ubisoft has shown that it really does listen to fan requests. Most likely, we will have the same first part, only devoid of all the problems. And this is already a reason to wait for her.

We. The Revolution (PC)

Release date: March 21

This game is for Papers, Please fans and anyone who is turned on by difficult moral choices. We take on the role of judge of the revolutionary tribunal during the Great French Revolution. We will consider the cases of criminals, ordinary people and enemies of the regime in order to decide their fate. You are the face of the revolution, so make it happen! The verdict is death. Oh, sorry, a little out of there.

The Sinking City (PC, PS4, X One)

Release date: 21 March

A sandbox game with detective elements from the Ukrainian studio Frogwares. We will play as a detective and explore the large American city of the early XX century, Oakmond, solving various cases, looking for criminals and evidence. In addition, we will still have a personal story, because we are the only survivor of the Cyclops ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Our hero was moved by reason, and he had to lie in a mental hospital for some time. Here's a mix.

We are promised a long storyline campaign for 30 hours and another 20 hours of side quests.

Sekiro Shadow Die Twice (PC, PS4, X One)

Release date: 22 March

Sekiro Shadow Die Twice is Frome Software's effort to modernize its own souls like genre. Despite the vertical gameplay, this is still the same Frome Software game - we will die a lot.

The setting has been changed, nagging, new cool combat and movement mechanics have been added. In other words, a new genre format is on the way.

Assassin's Creed III Remastered (PC, PS4, X One)

Release date: 29 March

Did you miss the hidden blades and hoods? The remaster of the third assassin will be released at the end of the month, and we can again jump in trees and help Lincoln make a revolution.

In general, this is a rather strange choice for a remake, but it is interesting how the project will be played in 2019 seven years after its release. At one time, the game could not surpass the trilogy about Ezio, but it is perceived as the spiritual heir to Red Dead Redamption. It also features animals and water battles for the first time.

These were all the small and large releases in March, many of which you can try out now.

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Author: Jake Pinkman