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March 2018 Main Games - Release Calendar


Spring is traditionally considered a fruitful season for game releases in a variety of genres. March 2018 will be able to please gamers with several projects that can be contenders for the best games of 2018, so with the onset of spring we do not recommend hiding the game console and computer in a distant box, as there will be something to play.

No major console exclusives are expected in March, so we've included only the most exciting games that will definitely come to PC in our selection.

To shorten the wait for the March hits, we suggest using the best games about the Middle Ages , which you can learn about from the selection on our website.

Warhammer Vermintide 2

Release date: March 8

Continuation of the popular cooperative action game in the brutal world of medieval Warhammer. In the game you will have to take one of the four heroes and fight with the race of humanoid rats - Skaven. The new part will delight you with advanced graphics (we recommend spending money on upgrading your computer in advance), an advanced leveling system and, of course, a spectacular first-person combat system.

If the mechanics of the combat system in Kingdom Come Deliverance seemed too hardcore to you, then in Warhammer Vermintide 2 - just know that click on one button and put blocks on time. But what the new Warhammer can stand out for is huge bosses that will bite off the head of an unwary player without any problems.

Download Warhammer Vermintide 2

Assassins Creed Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs

Release date: March 13

A major story addition for one of the main hits of the past year - Assassins Creed Origins. DLC tells the story of stolen relics that revived the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Now these fear-people are walking around the city and terrifying the surrounding cities. Each of the pharaohs will have to fight both in the real world and in the afterlife, in which the ancient Egyptian kings have additional abilities.

Please note that the Assassins Creed Origins add-on can be downloaded in Steam only with the purchase of a Season Pass for all DLCs for the game.

Download Assassins Creed Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs

Surviving Mars

Release date: March 15

Have you ever dreamed of getting to Mars or colonizing the Red Planet? Paradox Interactive's new city-building simulator will give you this opportunity even faster than Elon Musk. At its core, it is a mix of economic strategy and the movie The Martian.

You need to worry about the oxygen level, grow arboretums and vegetable farms and in every possible way attract new settlers to your colony. In Surviving Mars, you will have to go through the entire stage of colonization of Mars: from landing on the red planet to the development of an entire metropolis.

Download Surviving Mars

Sea of Thieves

Release date: March 20

It seems that Microsoft has finally begun to understand its mistakes and in response to numerous Sony exclusives are releasing their own game - Sea Of Thieves. For a long time after the announcement, the pirate life simulator seemed like a dark horse, but the recent beta test made many gamers really wait for the game. It's simple: it's a very beautiful (no, really, just look at this water!), Diverse and unique cooperative simulator of sea robbers.

The game constantly generates a lot of exciting events and provides an excellent opportunity to have fun with friends. The only complaint about the game after the beta test is the small amount of content.

Download Sea of Thieves

A Way Out

Release date: March 23

A new game from the jack of all trades - Yosef Fares, known for unusual films and soulful game Brothers: A tale of the suns, which squeezes tears from the eyes of even the most callous gamer. A Way Out is a somewhat unique co-op game where you have to use all your cunning and get out of prison with a friend. In the game, the screen is always divided into two parts, where you can see the actions of your friend, which is very useful, because the most important thing for the successful completion of each mission is teamwork.

We have two news for you: good and bad. Bad: a partner cannot be a bot, but only a real player. Good: you can buy one copy of the game and invite your friend to play it for free.

Download A Way Out

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom

Release date: March 23

Ni No Kuni 2 is a real treat for all fans of anime and quality role-playing games. The original JRPG was released only on consoles and was equally liked by critics and ordinary gamers alike thanks to its colorful style, exciting combat system and an interesting storyline. The sequel is preparing to improve all the advantages of the original and bring a couple of innovations: real-time combat and the ability to create your own kingdom like in a city-building simulator.

By the way, the past employees of the legendary studio "Ghibli" are responsible for the appearance of Ni No Kuni II. Yes, these are the people who created Spirited Away and other masterpieces of Japanese animation.

Download Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom

Far Cry 5

Release date: March 27

So we got to the most anticipated game of March - Far Cry 5. The new part of the crazy shooter will take us to the rural expanses of North America and offer to fight against the sect of religious sectarians. All fans of the series know perfectly well what to expect from the new part: an open world, a bunch of side quests, spectacular story missions, crafting, pumping and hunting.

Far Cry 5 did not radically change the gameplay concept and is the same carbon monoxide shooter, which, moreover, can now be played completely in co-op with your friend. The past parts of the series make you feel confident about Ubisoft's skill, so Far Cry 5 is recommended for all fans of fun first-person action games.

Download Far Cry 5


Release date: March 30

We present to your attention the devilishly terrible horror game Agony, in which you have to play as a tortured soul who wants to escape from Hell. The game attracts primarily with its visuals: surreal spaces of the underworld, horned demons and cruel tortures of sinners. It has been a long time since we saw such a horrible visual game.

As for the gameplay, everything is also good here. Unlike horror games like Outlast and Amnesia, in Agony it will be possible to take over the souls of demons, which will make it possible not only to hide in the game, but also to distribute it to representatives of the local fauna.

Download Agony

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