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March 2020 Game Release Calendar


The gaming industry is slowly coming out of hibernation and the spring period for games is on the way. Usually in the spring, like in the fall, there are many cool AAA projects. Alas, this year, many of them were postponed to autumn and early winter, so the planned Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel's Avengers, Final Fantasy VII - we will not see in the near future. But at least in March, a couple of cool projects await us, which are definitely worth paying attention to after the winter lull. Here's our release calendar for March.

March 11 - Ori and the Will of the Wisps [PC, XOne]


This is the sequel to the beautiful metroidvania Ori and the Blind Forest, which will continue to tell us a touching yet complex story. We are promised even more tasks and challenges, as well as improved pumping mechanics. Plus, project manager Thomas Mahler promises us an amazing picture and is eager to release the game on the Xbox Series X, as he is convinced that the game will play best at 120fps.

He also says the animation is smoother, the lighting has improved, and the sound effects of the game are being worked on by the Formosa Group, who worked on God of War and Halo.

March 13 - My Hero One's Justice 2 [PC, XOne]


As often happens with such projects, My Hero One's Justice 2 follows the storyline of the original anime "My Hero Academy" and shows the events of recent seasons. This time we will need to face not only the League of Villains, but also the Eight Covenants of Death gang. A cheerful fighting game for anime fans and those who just love it.

March 13 - Nioh 2 [PS4]

Another Japanese project, but for soul-like fans. The first Nioh was one of the first to successfully borrow the tropes of the souls-borne games without being a carbon copy.


The game is a prequel set 1500 years before the first part. We will play as a half-breed, half-human and youkai, who will meet with many influential people and kill them. Not all of them are ordinary people.

March 20 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons [Nintendo Switch]


A new part of the Animal Crossing life simulator, where we go to a new island to farm or any other type of leisure time in the company of anthropomorphic animals. The game supports both local and online co-op for eight people.

March 20 - DOOM Eternal [PC, PS4, XOne]

We've finally waited, and DOOM Eternal is coming out in March. The game was supposed to be released last year in the fall, but the developers from idSoftware decided to postpone the release in order to improve it.


The plot of the game, as always, is simple. After the events of the first part on Earth, a portal to hell opens and demons come out of it, which at the time of the game take over half of the planet. Against this infernal legion we are being set up. The developers are looking to expand their universe, so Eternal is probably not the last game. It is also planned multiplayer, where we will be allowed to play out hellish demons, fighting against the person who plays as the Doom Slayer.

Read more in our blog post on 5 Things You Need to Know About DOOM Eternal.

March 23rd - Half-Life: Alyx [PC]


The second major project of all the games that will be released in March is the Half Life comeback for VR. Alyx looks very ambitious. Many foretell her that she will fundamentally change the storyline games in virtual reality. Valve developers say this is the biggest project they've worked on. Also, before the game is released, on the incentive, you can play the entire Half Life series for free if you haven’t done so yet.

March 24 - Bleeding Edge [PC, XOne]


While most of the Ninja Theory team is working on the sequel to Hellblade and Project: Mara, another part of the team is releasing the multiplayer action game Bleeding Edge this month. You play as strange characters fighting each other in strange ways. The project still looks very entertaining and will clearly find its audience.

March 25 - Iron Danger [RS]


Iron Danger could have become another game about saving the world, if not for the mechanics that make it a remarkable tactical RPG. The point is that the game offers time management, such as fast save and load, which makes the battles in the game a puzzle. And since this is also an RPG, we have different abilities and a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Moreover, the battles will really please you by requiring you to use your brains.

March 31 - Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord [RS]


Early access, but still a continuation of the medieval sandbox Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. The developers assure that the game is fully functional, but they will continue to develop it. The developers plan to introduce the raising of rebellions, the creation of the kingdom, crafting and other functions into the game.

The game is more original in scale, and its actions develop 200 years before the events of the first game. More about Sandbox Mount & Read Blade II: Bannerlord in our developer interview.

March 31st - Persona 5 Royal [PS4]


And the last game in March is another expanded edition of Persona. The Phantom Thieves return for yet another adventure with a lot of additional content. Royal introduces a whole new semester, a new area, new characters, and an additional story arc. If this is the first time you have abstained from this game, Royal is the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in this world.

These are the top 10 games of March that we think are worthy of your attention

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