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USAn pedestrians will be able to regulate traffic signals


For USA users, smartphone applications can be supplemented with a service for remote control of traffic lights. The future program was announced by "GLONASS", and its appearance is expected in a year or two. The mobile application is called "Caterpillar" and its functions will allow pedestrians to independently regulate traffic signals. The service is being developed on the basis of the Avtodata project, which is a national service and telematics platform.

In fact, control via a smartphone will give pedestrians the right to regulate traffic, but this will manifest itself in only one action: users will be able to organize for themselves a mode of a longer time for the green traffic light to be active. First of all, this option is useful for older people who have difficulty moving or with not very good eyesight, pedestrians with baby carriages or transferring groups of children across the road.

The app is expected to include several modes, including crossing the carriageway by primary school children. As the authors of the project explain, groups of schoolchildren do not always have time to cross the road in one period of turning on the green signal. For such cases, accompanying children will be able to use the new application. Through control from a smartphone, they will be able to establish a connection with the desired traffic light, select the "Extend" command, after which the green light will remain active twice as long as the usual cycle.


Not everyone will have access to the ability to regulate traffic lights, but only certain persons for whom this right is most important. The service will mainly target older people, school teachers and social workers. It is assumed that regional authorities will limit the circle of persons whose smartphone applications can be incorporated into the work of city traffic lights.

Before operating the "Caterpillar", the developers also think over the issues of protecting the application from intruders who could use the service with hooligan intentions. For this, the authors of the project provided for some restrictive measures, but did not share the details of how the protection of the service will be built. The final implementation of the application is expected in 2021-2022.

The Topic of Article: USAn pedestrians will be able to regulate traffic signals.
Author: Jake Pinkman